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Recruiting Process for Hiring Managers

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STEP 1: to filling a vacant position would be for the hiring manager to create a job posting in Cardinal Talent. If the job description is not in Cardinal Talent, you will have to first create a job description before you can create a job posting.  Please contact Breanna Martinez, Recruitment and Onboarding Specialist , at 210-283-6418 or email at if you have any questions.

Job postings are submitted to Level 2, Division VP, VP of Finance and Human Resources before the vacant position is approved and posted on UIW's Career Opportunities website. All positions must be posted for a minimum of five calendar days before any candidates are contacted for an interview.

STEP 2: to filling a vacant position would be conducting interviews and selecting the must qualified candidate for the position. 

STEP 3: to filling a vacant position is submitting the Recommend to Hire form found on the MyWord Portal to the HR Recruiter.

STEP 4: Human Resources will contact the new hire to schedule a time for him/her to come into the HR department to complete the necessary new hire paperwork.  Please note that background checks take 5-10 business days.  The background check needs to be cleared prior to the new employee starting work.   

STEP 5: the hiring manager must complete the appropriate payroll authorization form.

STEP 6:  the hiring manager to follow the Supervisor's Onboarding Guide.  The guide is a helpful tool to help the new employee make a smooth transition to working at UIW. 

For additional information on the employment policy and process please refer to the Employee Handbook.

Cardinal Talent Workbooks

Type of Hires

  •  Faculty hires - must complete a request for letter of offer and submit to the Provost Office for approval. Once background check clears, complete the request for contract and submit to the Provost Office where the official contract will be generated.
  •  Part-time Faculty hires - all part-time faculty must sign the part-time faculty contract. The signed contract needs to be submitted to the HR office for the employee's personnel file.  Once the background check clears, complete the Part-Time Faculty Payroll Authorization form. 
  • Regular Staff and Administrator hires (FT & PT) - payroll authorization form is completed by the Human Resources department and submitted to the VP of Finance for the official offer letter to be generated and submitted to payroll for processing.  All new employees will be hired with a start date of 1st or 16th, with the first day of work dedicated to attending Day One – NEO in the Human Resources Office.
  • Temporary Staff and Administrator hires (FT & PT) - temporary employment is for employees that work less than 90 days over a rolling 12-month period. Hiring manager needs to complete the Temporary Payroll Authorization form and submit to authorizing departments for signatures.
  • Seasonal Staff and Administrator hires (FT & PT) - seasonal employment is for employees that work less than 6 months over a rolling 12-month period.  Hiring manager needs to complete the Seasonal Payroll Authorization form and submit to authorizing departments for signatures.  
  • Student Employment hires - must complete the student employment payroll authorization form and submit to the Human Resources department for processing. See student employment page for additional information.

All payroll authorization forms can be found on the MyWord Portal.

Day-One New Employee Orientation

All newly-hired regular full and part-time, staff, administrators, and contracted administrators. All new employees will be hired with a start date of 1st or 16th, with the first day of work dedicated to attending Day One – NEO. (If the 1st and/or 16th is a weekend or holiday, Day One – NEO will be held on the following work day.) Day One – NEO will take 8 hours to complete. New employees will be released after completion of NEO, and will be present to begin their position in their assigned department on the first scheduled work day after completion of Day One – NEO.

During the Day One – NEO, new employees will receive the following information:

  • Benefits Review
  • Employee Handbook Policy Review
  • UIW History
  • UIW Organizational Structure
  • Learn how to get involved in UIW Community
  • Information from the various supporting departments
    • Mission and Ministry
    • Payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Technology Services
    • Facilities
    • Risk Management and Safety

Additionally, new employees will complete the Workplace Harassment, Title IX, and Campus SaVE Act training. During Day One – NEO, new employees will have a campus tour and obtain their ID card and parking decal.

New Employee Network Luncheon

The New Employee Network Luncheon is held every quarter for newly hired regular full-time staff, administrators and contracted administrators.  The objective of the luncheon is give an opportunity for new employees to meet one another, and increase their knowledge of the University's mission and culture.  During lunch time the new employees will have an opportunity to meet and converse with the President of the University, the Vice Presidents, and members of Executive Council.  

Please contact Breanna Martinez, HR Generalist, if you have any questions on the recruiting process.