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Below you will find some information about living on campus in the residence halls. Click on each category to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a new student ID?

    If you have lost your student ID or it has been stolen, the Campus Life Office is able to make new ID's during normal business hours (M-Th 8am-6pm and Friday 8am-5pm). Replacement IDs are $15, and are charged to your student account through the business office.

    Please bring a copy of your schedule (electronic or paper) and a photo ID. We cannot process a new ID request without another form of identification.

  • What do I do if I get locked out of my room?
    Between the hours of 8am-4:30pm, you may call the Campus Life Office (210) 829-6034) for assistance.
    After hours, calls should be directed to the all campus resident assistant at (210)-216-6831)
    • 1st lockout     $1*
    • 2nd lockout    $5*
    • All ensuing lockouts,   $10
    *Any lockout after midnight will result in a $10 charge, regardless of first or second occurrence.
    Lost or stolen key(s) will need to be replaced through the residence life department. A replacement key will be given until the room(s) can be re-keyed per safety protocol. Charges will vary based on number of keys required for replacement.


  •  How can I change my meal plan and/or room assignment?

    Room changes are offered twice a semester (Fall and Spring). All requests are collected through the room/meal plan change link posted on the Residence Life home page. All residents are notified through their cardinal email address when the link is active and requests can be submitted. The link is time sensitive, and expires within about two weeks of being sent (refer to the email for specific dates.) You will be notified through your cardinal email whether your request has been granted or denied. Please allow up to two weeks for processing of request.

    Room change request are processed in the order they are received. Completing a room change request does not in any way guarantee you a new room. If spaces are available in the desired hall, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • What are the cost associated with canceling my housing?

    When the housing contract is signed and a room assignment is accepted, it is valid for the entire academic year. While you may request a change in housing assignment free of charge (during the open request period), canceling a housing contract will result in a $500 cancellation charge to your student account for breaking the housing contract. Furthermore, you will forfeit your $225 housing deposit.

    If you have any questions about the fees or cancellation process you can call the Campus Life Office at: (210) 829-6034 or email

  • What if I'm having roommate issues?

    The Residence Life Office understands that issues between roommates can occur. Often these issues can be resolved through consulting your resident assistant. Your resident assistant has been trained to help resolve resident issues, and is your best resource when experiencing problems. If you continue to experience issues, a mediation meeting can be scheduled with the area coordinator. A meeting with your resident assistant AND mediation session with the area coordinator is required before an administrative room change is considered.

  • How do I report a maintenance issue for my room?

    Currently, all maintenance request are processed through your resident assistant and/or the Campus Life Office. If you are experience issues, write the problem on the maintenance log outside your resident assistant's room. The log is reported on a daily basis, and most issues are resolved with 24-48 hours. Alternatively, you may report your issue through the Campus Life Office at (210) 829-6034. 

    Please note that maintenance request are only processed during normal business hours. M-F 8am-5pm
    After hours emergencies should be reported to the all campus resident assistant (210) 216-6831

  • When is the office open?

    The Residence Life Office is open Monday through Friday to take care of resident's needs.
    Monday:           8am-6pm
    Tuesday:          8am-6pm
    Wednesday:      8am-6pm
    Thursday:         8am-6pm
    Friday:              8am-5pm

    Any issues after normal business hours can be directed to the all campus resident assistant at: (210) 216-6831.



General Housing Information



  • Accessible Housing

    The University of the Incarnate Word provides reasonable accommodation with adequate notice. To request disability accommodations for housing, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services at (210) 829-3997 as soon as possible.

  • Cable TV

    All residence hall rooms are provided with basic cable television service. Residents are responsible for providing their own cable wire and television, if they so desire. Cable services provided through Grande Communication.

  • Quiet Hours

    Quiet hours are observed in all residence halls and the Avoca Apartments at all times. Student residents cannot change these hours.

    Extended quiet hours occur during mid-term and finals periods. Violations of quiet hours may result in sanctions.

    Negatively affecting other members of your living community with noisy activities may be subjected to a disciplinary process.

  • Visiting Hours

    Residence Life maintains 24-Hour visitation hours.  This does not mean guests may stay overnight!  Roommates must agree to having guests over and guests by no means should be an inconvenience to roommates/suitemates. Residents should inform their RA about their guest at least 24 hours in advance.  All guests must be escorted while in the building and cannot be left alone in rooms or public areas. 

  • Telephone Service
    Local telephone service is available in every resident room. Students must provide their own telephone. Those students interested in long distance service will need obtain a calling card.
  • Card Access Security
    All residence halls on the UIW campus (excluding the Avoca Apartments and Watson Lofts) are equipped with magnetic card readers. These card readers will allow access to a particular hall with a valid ID card. This security measure was implemented to limit access to the living areas on campus. In the halls that also offer student services during the day, the card readers will usually be activated after business hours.
  • Property Insurance

    Carefully select the personal belongings you bring to UIW, keeping in mind the University cannot assume responsibility for theft or loss. It is a good idea to check the homeowners or apartment renters’ insurance policy of the person with whom you currently live to determine if there are any provisions for coverage of your personal property while you are living on campus.

  • Items to Remember

    While the rooms of the residence halls will differ by building, all resident students will be provided a bed, desk, dresser space and closet space. Students and parents preparing for move-in should consult the Room Essentials list for recommended items, optional suggested items, and prohibited items. Please keep in mind that this is a limited list and any questions, about items not found on the list, should be clarified by consulting with a Residence Life team member.

  • Opening of Residence Halls

    Students should make arrangements to check-in based on the scheduled day and time of check-in (or after the scheduled date/time). Students cannot be admitted prior to the scheduled check-in and rooms are not available for storing belongings prior to this time. 

    Students will be notified by mail or e-mail of the exact date and time they will be permitted to move into their residence hall room. Questions about check-in dates and times should be directed to the Office of Residence Life. 

    Please Note:
    Student rooms will be held until 8:00 p.m. on the day before classes start. After this time, a student may forfeit his/her room to another student. If you cannot check in by the scheduled day/time, please contact the Office of Residence Life in advance to make alternate arrangements.

  • Residence Hall Meetings

    Residents are responsible for knowing all information discussed at all Residence Hall Meetings. Residents will be notified of meetings via email and through the posting of flyers. If a resident cannot attend a meeting, it is their sole responsibility to seek out the information from a Residence Life Staff Team Member.

  • Smoking Policy

    No smoking is allowed in any of the residence hall rooms or common areas. This policy is subject to change.


Food Service Information 


All residents in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan.
Meal plan options will be dependent on the building of residence.  
More information regarding Campus Dining can be found on the dining services webpage, here.


each meal plan consists of both board meals and points.



Meal plan info

Board meals are applied toward all you care to eat meals in Marian Cafe and exchange meals at the ICC Cafe. 
Points may be applied to purchases at any of the following Sodexo food service locations on campus:


marian cafe @ ICC hortencia's cafe
java on the hill finNegan's coffee shop
pharmacy cafe  


Each time a purchase is made for food using the points component of your meal plan, the amount purchased is deducted from your balance. This allows a great deal of flexibility, but also requires that students manage their meal plan throughout the semester.



Board meals will expire by the week or the semester, depending on the type of meal plan selected. Points will roll forward from the fall semester to the spring semester, but any balance remaining on an account at the end of the academic year will not be refunded.