Residence Life

St. Anthony Catholic High School

We would like you to live at the St. Anthony Catholic High School...

St. Anthony Catholic School (SACHS) is a private Catholic college preparatory school for young men and women. It is an integral part of the University of the Incarnate Word. The school was specifically founded to assist parents in the spriritual formation and education of their children. The intent of the school programs are to nourish all dimensions of the student in order to prepare him or her for responsible and productive Christian living.

Dedicated to academic excellence, St. Anthony Catholic High School challenges the students with a spiritually and intellectually demanding curriculum. The faculty constantly seeks to update the curriculum in order to maintain the high standards expected of a college-preparatory school. This helps the students learn how to critically assess the choices before them, and how to cope with new and challeging circumstances.

St. Anthony Catholic High School promotes a profound respect for persons of all creeds, cultures, and races. A young person leaves St. Anthony Catholic High School with an inquiring mind, a confident assessment of his or her own self-worth, and the empowerment to make a difference.

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