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Working on the honors project was such a worthwhile experience. I learned so much, and it helped me realize where I want to focus my career. --Jonathan


This listing provides a sampling of the honors projects that have been presented at previous Honors Symposia.  The topics represent the diversity of interests among our students.Reviewing posters at the symposium

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The Evolution of the Nocturne                                                  Sofia Altamirano, Biology major, Music minor 

Four Ten-Minute Plays: Imaginary Friend, Looking For Shelter, Music Box and Garage Band.
Garrett Anderson, Theatre arts major

Who Deserves Prison Time? The Effects of Age and Mental Health on Perceptions of Crime and Rehabilitation.
Mollimichelle K Cabeldue, Psychology/Criminal justice double major and Stefanie Boswell, Ph.D.

Memory and Recall of Dance Choreography: A Pilot Study.
Lauren A. Garza, Psychology major

Influence of Dispatch Codes on CIT and non-CIT Officer Call Responses.
Catherine Hill, Psychology major and Maria Felix-Ortiz, Ph.D.

Does This Voice Make My Butt Look Big? A Study Investigating the Correlations between Body Composition to Vocal Range and Quality.
Elizabeth Lopez, Music major and Jessica Ibarra, Ph.D.

Savage Songs: An Inquiry into Three Potentially Negative Effects of Popular Music on Society.
Susan Smith, Music industries major

From POP ART to ARTPOP: Exploring the Themes of Andy Warhol’s Artwork with Drawings of Lady Gaga [drawing portfolio]
Alfred Mejia, Art major

The Harriet Jacobs Project; Evaluating Ethical Choices Made within Confined Systems
William Timmerman, Philosophy major

School of Media and Design

Grounded [original website promoting a healthy mind-body connection]
Lauren A. Silva, Journalism major 

Development of a Signal Analysis Technique for Aircraft Identification                                                                        Paul Huron, Computer Information Systems (CIS) major

Designer Dialogue (video)                                                                                                                                     Kossla Veasna, Fashion Design major

Dreeben School of Education

Fostering Close Reading in the Elementary Classroom Using Patterned Text                                                      Crystal Frost, Interdisciplinary Studies major, Stephanie Grote-Garcia, Ph.D.

Visual Motor Integration
Claire K. Robinson, Interdisciplinary Studies major, William Carleton, Ph.D. and Elda Martinez, Ph.D.

H-E-B School of Business

Reduce, Reuse, Sustain; A Case Study
Anna-Marie Moore , Accounting major

The Effect of the Greek Economic Crisis on the Tourism Market
Robin Korzekwa , International business major

A Case Study on the Nonprofit Industry and Internal Controls
Jonathan Zagouris, Accounting major

Chemistry labSchool of Math, Science and Engineering

Differences in Cortical Thickness Between Dyslexics and Typically Developing Readers in Early Stages of Reading
Tin Nguyen, Biochemistry major 

Synthesis and Evaluation of Inhibitor for PARG
Brook Morse, Chemistry major

Public Health Policies and Managing Bioterrorism
Annalisa Moore, Math major

Biodiversity Study of the Headwaters of the San Antonio River
Hannah Peterson, Environmental science major

Soil Bacterial Diversity in the Headwaters and Incarnate Word Campus                                                                Kayla Trevino, Biology major, and David Starkey, Ph.D.

Tuning Excited State Properties of Ru(II) complexes with a 4-substituted pyridine ligand
An Vu, Chemistry major 

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Self-Efficacy Differences in Physical Therapists
Sabrina Nelson, Rehabilitative Science major and John M. Velasquez, Ph.D

Does Breastfeeding Lower the Risk of Childhood Obesity?: A Literature Review
Auriel L.Vokolek, Nursing major

The Importance of Decreasing the Risk of Diabetes in Obese Children
Jordan Walkenford, Nursing major