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Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Teacher Education is a valued program of study at The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) because it so directly addresses the mission to which UIW is committed. The program incorporates a broad liberal arts education as a foundation for the more in-depth focus on academic teaching specializations and the body of knowledge associated with the teaching/learning process. The program prepares individuals for a profession in which they can affect society and humanity in significant, positive ways.

Career Opportunities

In a time of education policy transformation, expectations for teachers and students are also changing. This is an opportunity for educational leadership in classrooms.

The UIW Education Program strives to prepare teachers to meet the diverse needs of students in today's classrooms and promotes both the profession and mission of teaching.


The Teacher Education program is a field-based program that provides intensive, realistic, and high quality experiences in settings where students can match theory and practice, observe effective teaching practices, encounter diversity, and explore and develop their teaching in close interaction with university faculty. A powerful and unique aspect of the Teacher Education program is assessment benchmarks (developmental portfolios, journals, videotapes, scenarios, practice lessons, exams, etc.) strategically placed throughout the program to ensure quality preparation for all students. With professional development class sizes ranging from 8 to 20 students, the teacher education faculty is able to provide individual assistance and support as students progress through each assessment benchmark of the program.

At present, the University of Incarnate Word offers certification in the following areas and at the following levels. (Other fields may be available in the future.)

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS):
IDS is an EC-6 teaching program resulting in certification for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. This program of study includes concentrations in reading and special education

Secondary Certification
A SECONDARY teaching program resulting in certification for eighth through twelfth grades is available. The following specializations are available:
English Language Arts, History, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics

All Level Teaching (ALVT):
ALVT is an ALL-LEVEL teaching program resulting in certification for kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The following specializations are available to ALVT majors:
Art, Music, Spanish, Theater, and Physical Education

Routes to Certification

Initial teacher certification can be obtained by following the UIW Undergraduate Teacher Certification Program or the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program.

Accreditation The University of the Incarnate Word is ranked among the strongest Teacher Preparation programs in Texas with a 100% pass rate on the TExES certification exams.


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