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Degree Plans

There are two degree plans for earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Traditional Program (Academic Focus)

  • 36 semester hours in Sociology
  • 12 semester hours in chosen minor

Human Services Program (Professional Focus)

  • 48 semester hours in Sociology and specified courses
  • Includes 6 semester hours of internship in social agencies

Courses in Sociology

Introduction to Sociology Social Psychology
Social Institutions Urban Sociology
Social Issues through Cinema Minority Relations
Social Problems and Social Justice Hispanics in America
Criminology Sociology of Sport
Special Issues in Criminal Justice Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Deviance & Mental Illness Aging in America
Culturology & Cross-Cultural Communication Death in America
Collective Behavior & Social Movements Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
Sociology of the Family Sociological Theory
Social Stratification Internships

Career Fields for Sociology Majors

  • Criminal Justice: Probation, Parole, & Delinquency Prevention
  • Social Services: Working with the poor, children, aged, & families
  • Business: Sales, Personnel, Marketing, Administration, & Research
  • Government: Working in City, County, or State offices.
  • Professional/Graduate School: Excellent preparation for law school
  • Teaching: with Graduate Degree, M.A. or Ph.D.

Sociology Minor


  • 12 semester hours in Sociology (6 advanced) in any of the courses offered


  • Goes great with any major
  • Exposure to different types of people and groups
  • Improves writing and critical thinking skills
  • Apply what you learn in working with people
  • Classes offered at convenient times
  • Enhance job opportunities in people-related fields
  • Better understanding of society

Sociology transcends common opinion and discovers the facts. It deals with what is and seeks to discover why it is. In order to solve problems, it is necessary to know the causes and the possible consequences of our action or inaction. Sociology is the scientific study of society and social behavior, and can prove invaluable for one's personal life and professional career.


Dr. Roger Barnes, Professor (Ph.D., University of Kansas)
Dr. Phil Lampe, Professor (Ph.D., Louisiana State University)


Dr. Roger Barnes, Chair
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

Telephone: (210) 829-3976
Fax: (210) 829-3880

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