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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies involves the study of religion and religious faith. The Religious Studies Department at UIW aims to understand how faith shapes the thoughts, lives, and ethics of individuals and communities in particular ways and in different cultures. Fields of study offered in the program include Theology, Biblical Studies, Spirituality, World Religions, Religious experience, Ethics, and courses in Religion and Culture. With the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and the minor, students learn a variety of multicultural, interdisciplinary, historical and theological methods and perspectives appropriate to the field. In addition, students should expect to become familiar with several major religious traditions in the world in addition to Roman Catholicism. Students will explore perennial questions concerning the reality of God, the meaning of human existence, the significance of the Bible, the dignity and liberation of the person, and ways to live ethically in a global world. To this end, students will learn to appreciate religious diversity as well as the roles religions and religious faith play in shaping all aspects of human life, as exemplified particularly in the Roman Catholic tradition. The Religious Studies department is committed to the university's mission of social justice and addresses such issues throughout its curriculum.


The Religious Studies faculty see themselves as a community of scholars and teachers serving Religious Studies majors and minors, the wider student body, and the local and global community through teaching, research, service, and action. The faculty members are well qualified in their respective fields of study and are all quite active in a variety of professional and community organizations. Faculty members are all available for student advising so students may achieve their goals and pursue their chosen profession.

Religious Studies faculty hold graduate degrees from a variety of distinguished academic institutions including Harvard University, The Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, the University of Notre Dame, Catholic University, Union Theological Seminary and St. Michael's College (Toronto).

  • Dr. Glenn Ambrose, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley; Systematic Theology)
  • Dr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, Professor (Th.D., Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley; Christian Spirituality, Religion and the Arts)
  • Dr. Timothy Milinovich, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Catholic University of America; Biblical Studies)
  • Dr. Julie Miller, Associate Professor and Chair (Th.D, Harvard Divinity School; Ethics, Women in Christianity)
  • Dr. Eilish Ryan, CCVI, Professor (Th.D., University of St. Michael's College, Canada; Christian Spirituality, History of Christianity)

Career Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in Religious Studies prepares students for diverse career options. The Religious Studies major provides a liberal arts preparation for graduate studies in religion, teaching and ministry. The major also prepares students for graduate school in a variety of liberal arts fields such as literary studies, history, and psychology as well as law school, medical school and business school. Students with a liberal arts degree are also strong candidates for careers in business, communications and non-profit organizations. Recent graduates of the UIW program are currently working as admissions counselors for universities, directors of non-profit programs, high school teachers, and lawyers as well as campus ministers and lay directors of church education programs.

Selected Courses

Introduction to Theology
Introduction to Religious Studies
Understanding Catholicism Religion, Values and Film
Christian Symbols & Celebrations
God and Human Sexuality
Christian Worship
Environmental Theology and Ethics
US Latino/a Theology & Culture
Catholic Social Teachings
Feminist Theology
Women and Faith
Theologies of Liberation
Women in the Christian Tradition

Biblical Themes
US Latino/a Spirituality
Hebrew Scriptures
Gospels and Acts
Pauline Writings
Early Christian Theology and Culture
History of Christianity
The Religious Quest
Death and Belief
Prayer and Spirituality
Christianity through Art
Arts for Christian Worship


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