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The pre-pharmacy curriculum is a rigorous two-year preparatory program designed to prepare students for admission to the professional Doctor of Pharmacy program. It includes a liberal arts core of social sciences and the arts, combined with specialty courses in the biological, physical and chemical sciences. While satisfying the general college core requirements, the curriculum also equips the student with the intellectual and scientific base essential to academic success in a challenging professional program. The student-friendly atmosphere at University of the Incarnate Word includes a variety of athletic, social, musical, dramatic, and religious activities, creating a culturally rich learning environment in which to pursue pre-pharmacy studies.

Career Opportunities

The student who continues on track and successfully navigates a Doctor of Pharmacy program will be prepared for a myriad of career options. The licensed pharmacist has options in academia, all branches of the uniformed services, hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies, independent pharmacies, home health care, insurance and other benefit
management arenas, industry, government agencies, and private sector entrepreneurial enterprises. The scope of careers is limited only by imagination and determination. The pre-pharmacy program does not lead to a degree. The student completing the curriculum will have at least 71 hours of core education and science courses that are foundational to a variety of degree paths in the physical and social sciences.


Successful applicants to the pre-pharmacy sequence must meet all admission criteria of the institution including: GPA, high school course difficulty, class rank, SAT and/or ACT scores, extracurricular activities (including work experience), and letters of recommendation. To be admitted to the pre-pharmacy sequence, the applicant must interview with an admissions counselor and the pre-pharmacy advisor for appropriate academic advisement and placement. Students with excellent grades in appropriate high school and/or post-secondary math and science course will be placed in the pre-pharmacy cohort. The number of seats in each pre-pharmacy cohort is limited. Students who have not completed higher levels of math and science will be placed in college level math and science and reevaluated at the end of the first semester of study. Completion of the pre-pharmacy sequence satisfies the educational requirements for admission to the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy and most pharmacy schools in the United States and Canada. Admission to the professional program in pharmacy is not promised or guaranteed.

0-6 Early Assurance Pharmacy Program

This is a program for students interested in a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) terminal degree offered at the UIW Feik School of Pharmacy. Students need to maintain specific requirements throughout two years of undergraduate study at UIW in order to guarantee admission to the four-year professional pharmacy program. Successful candidates are exempt from taking the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test).
Qualifications for the direct admit option include:

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.7
  • High school math and science GPA of 3.7 (minimum of three years each)
  • Combined math/verbal SAT of 1140 or ACT of 25


For further information, contact Dr. Kevin Lord at or (210) 883-1061, or go to
To apply for admission, go to and click on the Apply Now link.


First Pre Professional Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit Hour Credit Hour
CHEM 1301 / 1101 Chemical Principles I and Lab 4.0  
BIOL 2321 / 2121 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab 4.0  
MATH 1311 Precalculus 3.0  
ENGL 1311 Composition I 3.0  
PHIL 1381 Introduction to Philosophy 3.0  
  Total 17.0  
CHEM 1302 / 1102 Chemical Principles II and Lab   4.0
BIOL 2322 / 2122 Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab   4.0
MATH 2312 Calculus   3.0
ENGL 1312 Composition II   3.0
RELS XXXX Religious Studies   3.0
    Total 17.0
Second Pre Professional Year    
CHEM 2311 /2111 Organic Chemistry I and Lab 4.0  
BIOL 1402 Unity of Life (Biology) 4.0  
MATH 2303 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3.0  
ENGL 2310 World Literature Studies 3.0  
PHAR 2105 Professional (Applied) Development Skills (PADS I) 1.0  
  Total 18.0  
CHEM 2312 / 2112 Organic Chemistry II and Lab   4.0
BIOL 3471 General Microbiology and Lab   4.0
PHYS 1301/1101 Physics I and Lab   4.0
HIST XXXX History   3.0
PHAR 2110 Professional (Applied) Development Skills (PADS II)   1.0
    Total 19.0

Total Requirements:  71 semester hours

For more information about our Pre-Pharmacy and Pharmacy programs please call the UIW pharmacy Counselor/Advisor at (210) 829-2703.

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