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International Studies

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International Studies
The Mission of the Center for International Studies at UIW is to prepare students for life and career in this new era of globalization. The Center works to expand understanding of national security, international cooperation, democracy, development and other international issues within a context that relates to the values of Catholic social teaching.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies explore themes of war and peace in international relations and the effects of globalization. The role of International Law and the United Nations in world affairs is considered and America’s leadership in the world is analyzed.

Students in International Studies will spend a semester in study abroad at one of the many UIW sister schools and will study languages there as well as at UIW.

International Studies provides students with the tools that will help them compete in our increasingly integrated world and to become enlightened and concerned citizens with an understanding of that world.

Director of the Center for International Studies
Dr. James F. Creagan, Professor and Ambassador in Residence
(Ph.D., University of Virginia; U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Issue in Globalization, International Law, Organizations, Latin American and European political systems.

The International Studies Degree is Interdisciplinary in nature.

Professors in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciencesas well as the HEB School of Business teach courses that comprise the major and concentration.

Major requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
44 credit hours include the Introduction and Capstone courses in International Studies as well as an International Studies Colloquium. The International Studies major will have a semester of study abroad or an internship relating to the international area. The major includes six hours of foreign language study beyond the elementary level.

    Required Courses and Experiences: (17 credit hours)
       INTL 1310 Introduction to International Studies
       INTL 3110 International Studies Colloquium (to be repeated once)
       INTL 4390 International Studies Capstone

    Research Methods class in approved discipline
    4 semesters of Foreign Language
    Study or Internship Abroad Experience

27 credit hours are chosen from the two groups below:
9 hours from Fine Arts and Humanities courses
9 hours from the Social Sciences and Business courses
9 hours electives in any combination from one or both
    groups. For a complete list go to

Requirements for a Concentration in International Studies
The minor or concentration in International Studies consists of 18 hours. In addition to the Introduction to International Studies and a research methods class, 6 hours may be taken from the two groups listed above.

Dr. James Creagan
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway, CPO 84
San Antonio, TX  78209
Phone: (210) 805-3094
Fax: (210) 829-3880

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