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Cultural Studies

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Cultural Studies
The Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that investigates how cultures make meaning. It examines how systems of representation such as language, the media and the arts construct and influence social values, identities and institutions. Combining the strengths of the social sciences, humanities and the visual and performing arts, Cultural Studies utilizes the subject matter, methods and theories of traditional disciplines such as literary studies, sociality, communications, art and anthropology. In addition, Cultural Studies addresses issues and ideas central to the growing field of Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Post-Colonial Studies and popular culture. In Cultural Studies courses, students learn to interrogate how values and worldviews are formed by culture.

Since Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program, faculty from a variety of fields contribute to the curriculum. They include:

  • Dr. Hector Pérez, Associate Professor of English (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin)
  • Dr. Julie Miller, Associate Professor and Chair, Cultural Studies and Religious Studies (Ph.D., Harvard Divinity School)
  • Dr. Paul Lewis, Associate Professor of Philosophy, (Ph.D., University of Kentucky)
  • Kathy Vargas, Associate Professor of Art (MFA, University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Dr. Emily Clark, Associate Professor of English (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

Career Opportunities
The critical thinking, writing and interpersonal skills developed in the Cultural Studies program prepare students for a competitive and highly diverse marketplace. Cultural Studies majors and minors will be prepared to continue their academic study in traditional disciplines such as English, History, Anthropology or Religious Studies as well as in interdisciplinary fields such as Women’s Studies, Film and Media Studies, and Post-Colonial Studies. Students choosing to enter the workforce directly after graduation will be well prepared to put their skills to work in applied settings such as museums, community arts programs, publishing, advertising and service agencies. Recent graduates are currently working in higher education administration, non-profit service organizations and international business.

As an interdisciplinary field, Cultural Studies majors take several required courses but then complete their major by taking classes of interest to them chosen from a wider variety of fields including English, Business, Sociology, Art History, Psychology and Communications, just to name a few. Students are encouraged to take courses of interest to them, allowing students a breadth of study not allowed in other majors.

Required Courses
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies Theory
Cultural Studies Methods
Senior Seminar
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Studies Colloquium (3 semester, 1 hour each semester)

Cultural Studies Electives (Examples)
Contemporary Problems in Developing Nations
Cultural and Cross-Cultural Communications
Latin American Economics
Consumer Behavior
Media Ethics
Literary Theory
Feminist Philosophy
Women in the Christian Tradition
Comparative Politics
US Latino/a Theology and Culture
Social Issues Through Cinema
Crime and Delinquency
Literature of US Hispanics
Art History
Environmental Theology and Ethics

Dr. Julie B. Miller, Chairperson
University of the Incarnate Word
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