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Computer Graphic Arts

Degree Overview
The Computer Graphic Arts program at the University of the Incarnate Word (CGA@ UIW) is designed to provide students with the design and technical training in preparation of a career in the graphic arts, web design, or 3D Animation areas. The department uses state of the art facilities to make sure that the appropriate hardware and software training is taking place. However, the true focus is upon design and design principles - the skills that truly allow students to gain and keep employment as the industry continues to evolve and change.

Adam Watkins, MFA – Associate Professor (3D Animation)
    MFA – Utah State University

Michael Clayton, MFA – Associate Professor (Graphic Design – Web)
    MFA – Utah State University

Denny Fagan, MFA – Instructor
    MFA – Virginia Commonwealth University (Graphic Design – Print)
    MFA – University of North Texas

Doris Palmeros-McManus – Instructor (Graphic Design – Print/Marketing)

Career Opportunities
Print Design:

  • Corporate Branding/Logo Designer
  • Art Director/Creative Director
  • Information Designer
  • Advertising Production
  • Packaging Designer

Web Design:

  • Web Site Design and Construction
  • Flash Designer
  • Flash Animation
  • Dynamic Web Developer

3D Animation:

  • Movies / TV
  • Special Effects
  • Video Game Production
  • Visualization

Courses or Curriculum
Basic Core Courses:

  • Orientation to Computer Graphic Arts
  • Introduction to Computer Graphic Arts
  • Digital Imaging

Graphic Design Courses:

  • Typography
  • Concepting
  • Visual Language
  • Web Design I-II
  • Dynamic Web Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print Design I-III
  • History of Communication Design

3D Animation Courses:

  • History of Animation
  • 3D I-VI
  • Online Technologies, Games, and Simulations I-II
  • Visual Narratives Conventions
  • Gesture for Animators

Advanced Core Courses:

  • Advanced Projects Practicum
  • Co-operative Education Internship
  • Business of Design
  • Communications Arts Seminar
  • Senior Portfolio

Bridge Courses for Transfer Students:

  • Typography – Bridge
  • Web Design I – Bridge
  • 3D Animation I: Modeling – Bridge
  • 3D Animation II: Animation – Bridge

For details on each of these courses and their content, please visit our website at

Michael Clayton, MFA
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway CPO 464
San Antonio, TX 78209

Our information and courses are constantly evolving to match the ever-evolving graphics market. For the most up to date information on the program, and for example of student's work, please visit


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