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Chemistry Degrees

The degree programs in the Department of Chemistry are designed to give students a strong foundation in the chemical sciences providing for employment or future study in a variety of specialized areas.  The degree plans available are:

B.A. Chemistry – for students pursuing pre-health professions or education careers.
B.S. Chemistry – for students pursuing a chemical research or industrial career path.
B.S. Biochemistry – for students interested in biotechnology, medical research, and
pharmaceutical chemistry.


Faculty members in the Department of Chemistry have a strong commitment to undergraduate education. Faculty teach a full range of courses in their specialty areas including analytical, organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. They are dedicated to developing students with a strong foundation in chemistry through coursework and research.

Career Opportunities

The chemistry degree prepares students for a variety of career and professional opportunities including:

Chemical Research
Energy Resources
Material Science
Polymer and Organic Synthesis
Environmental Science
Intellectual Property law
Quality Assurance
Chemical Engineering
Medical Research
Health Professions including:


The curriculum covers the five foundation areas of chemistry including analytical, organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. Chemistry majors receive instruction in all these areas and laboratories are equipped with instrumentation found in research and industry.

Research experiences are a key component of developing the student into a practicing chemist.  The department encourages students to participate in research early in their undergraduate careers including participating in funded summer research experiences. Faculty are engaged in a variety of research projects providing students with many opportunities for undergraduate research.

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