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Broadcast Meteorology

School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering

Degree Overview
The Broadcast Meteorology degree program is designed for students who wish to enter a career in weathercasting in cable, satellite, regular broadcast TV, and radio, as well as selected careers in mass communication. Introductory and upper-division courses in Meteorology, Mathematics, and Geology are required to complete the degree program.


  • William F. Thomann, University of Texas at El Paso, Doctorate in Geological Sciences, Professor

  • Mr. Alejandro V. Garcia, Texas A&I University - B.A. Degree, University of Houston – Victoria M.E. Degree, Mississippi State University – Certification in Broadcast Meteorology, Senior Lecturer

  • Mr. Larry Peabody, Texas A&M University - B.S. Degree, Lecturer

  • Mr. Larry H. Eblen, Texas A&M University – B.S. Degree, Lecturer

Career Opportunities
Broadcast Meteorology is a program which prepares students for entering a wide variety of professional careers in the communication of weather presentation and forecasting to the public through cable, satellite, and regular broadcast TV, radio, journalism, and weather services. A high-profile career in meteorology includes media weathercasting for television, radio, and newspapers. Related careers in meteorology include marketing and sales of meteorological equipment made by companies involved in the design and manufacture of weather instruments

This degree program provides a comprehensive liberal arts education with a unique core curriculum connected with a broad-based and in-depth education in the atmospheric sciences. The course work in the Broadcast Meteorology degree program will fulfill the National Weather Association (NWA) and American Meteorological Society (AMS) course educational requirements. However, all other requirements to earn the Seals of Approval from the AMS and NWA are the responsibilities of the students and are not part of the UIW degree program. Students must separately meet the requirements of the NWA or AMS to earn a Seal of Approval for weathercasters.

Course Work in the Sciences and Mathematics
Meteorology: Introductory and Upper-division Courses
Physics I and II and Labs
Principles of Chemistry I and II and Labs
Precalculus, Calculus I, and Differential Equations
Video Production II and two upper-level Communication Arts courses

Total hours for degree: 129

Dr. William F. Thomann
Environmental Science, Meteorology, and Geology
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