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Degree Overview
The mission of the Department of Biology is to prepare students to enter professions in health, teaching, research, and management of natural resource professions; to prepare students to serve the mission of Christian Service and social justice; to promote life-long learning; to enhance the undergraduate and graduate experience, and to perform scholarly activities in biology including those that provide a model for teaching and professional development in science education for K-12 schools of South Texas. 

As a successful graduate of the UIW Biology program, the student will be able to: demonstrate knowledge essential to biology literacy; demonstrate competence in lab, field, and independent research; write proficiently and professionally, use computers to complete integrative projects; develop a respect for the natural world as well as awareness of the implications of technology; conduct service learning projects that relate a personal interest in biology to the mission of UIW.

The Biology degree incorporates a broad range of disciplines, from cellular-molecular biology, genetics, anatomy and physiology of human and or animal systems, ecology, environmental sciences, and teacher education. The Biology faculty are involved in research activities with students in the biomedical, biosystematics, environmental and teaching areas. There are numerous opportunities for students to conduct research with faculty, and students may participate with governmental programs and in foreign countries.

The Biology Department has recently added an Accelerated BS/MA Biology Program. This is a five year program in which students can earn both a BS and MA degree in Biology.


Dr. Bonnie McCormick, Professor and co-chair

Dr. Sara Tallarovic, Professor and co-chair

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