Department of History

Degree Sequence & Program of Study

Degree Sequence (4-year degree plan)

We offer the following degree sequence (four-year degree plan) to assist students and advisors.

Following this sequence increases the likelihood of completing this degree in four years' time. Dropping courses, retaking classes, or registering for less than a full course load will delay graduation, so always consult your academic advisor before deviating from this suggested sequence. Students may enroll in a course only if they have met all prerequisites for that course. Check the UIW Bulletin for details.


Program of Study

The curriculum in History leads students to appreciate and understand the development of the contemporary world through the interaction of diverse forces over space and time. The history department supports the global initiatives of the university through its courses in both world and United States history. The study of history involves analysis and integration of a broad range of knowledge. Students acquire skills that prepare them for graduate school or a variety of careers.

Major requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (39 semester hours in History):

1. 18 required credit hours in History:

    • HIST 1311 World History, part I (3)
    • HIST 1312 World History, part II (3)
    • HIST 1321 The United States to 1865 (3)
    • HIST 1322 The United States since 1865 (3)
    • HIST 2341 Writing in History (3)
    • HIST 4341 Making History I (3)

2. 9 credit hours selected from the following United States History courses:

    • HIST 3324 Colonial America (3)
    • HIST 3325 U.S. National Period (3)
    • HIST 3326 The Rise of Modern America, 1870-1920 (3)
    • HIST 3327 The United States from World War I to World War II (3)
    • HIST 3328 The United States since 1945 (3)
    • HIST 4352 Topics in U.S. History (3)
    • HIST 4399 Selected Topics (must be US History course)

3. 9 credit hours selected from the following Global History courses:

    • HIST 3331 Colonial Latin America (3)
    • HIST 3332 Latin America Since Independence (3)
    • HIST 3340 Europe Since Columbus (3)
    • HIST 4332 Mexico (3)
    • HIST 4325 GLobal Human Rights (3)
    • HIST 4334 History of Portuguese America (3)
    • HIST 4336 Topics in Chinese History (3)
    • HIST 4338 Topics in South Asian History (3)
    • HIST 4350 Selected Topics in World History (3)
    • HIST 4399 Selected Topics (must be a World History course)

4. 6 additional credit hours (upper- or lower-division) that, in addition to the courses listed above, can include the following:

    • HIST 2322 Texas History (3)\
    • HIST 2332 Introduction to Asian Studies (3)
    • HIST 4389 History Internship (3)

5. A minor in an approved discipline, or an approved interdisciplinary concentration.


Minor in History

Requirements for a Minor in History: HIST 1311, 1312, 1321, 1322 plus 3 upper-division semester hours to be selected from the United States History courses and 3 upper-division semester hours to be selected from the Global History courses.

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