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gil hinojosa

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University of the Incarnate Word

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San Antonio , Texas 78209

210 - 829 -2757


1979 Ph.D., History, University of Texas at Austin

1970 M.A., History, St. Mary's University of San Antonio

1966-1968 Graduate Studies, Theology, Oblate College of the Southwest

1965 B.A., Philosophy and Sociology, Our Lady of the Snows


1995-pres. Professor, University of the Incarnate Word

1993-1995 Associate Professor, Incarnate Word College

1984-1993 Associate Professor, The University of Texas at San Antonio

1981-1982 Visiting Fulbright Professor, Universidad AutÛnoma de Nuevo LeÛn

1979-1984 Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at San Antonio

1976-1979 Instructor, The University of Texas at San Antonio

1975-1976 Assistant Instructor, The University of Texas at Austin

1974 Assistant Instructor, Pan American University

1971-1974 Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin

1970-1971 Instructor, Laredo Junior College , Laredo , Texas

1969-1970 History Teacher, Lowell Junior High School , San Antonio ISD


"Transitions in Inquiry," in M. L. Martinello, G. E. Cook, L. W. Woodson, S. B. Kimball, and A. M. Maurer (Eds.), Modes of inquiry: Voices of scholars across the fields of study (2nd ed.), Alliance Press, in press

"Missionary-led Indian Communities," in Visions of the West, Melissa Baldridge, ed., Torch Collection, 1999 Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900 - 1965, Notre Dame Press, 1994. Co-edited this volume with Jay Dolan and authored a third of the book: "Mexican American Faith Communities in the Southwest, 1900 - 1965." 

"Class and Race in Borderlands Societies: An Interpretative Essay," in Natives and Newcomers: Challenges to the Encounter  San Diego , CA , Cabrillo Historical Society, 1993.

"Images and Self-Images of Mexican Americans, Historical and Historiographical Background," in Identidad Nacional, Saltillo , Coah. , Mexico , Universidad AutÛnoma de Coahila, 1992.

Tejano Origins in Eighteenth Century San Antonio (Co-edited with Gerald E. Poyo), The University of Texas Press, Spring, 1991. Includes authored and co-authored chapters:               "The Religious-Indian Communities: Goals of the Friars and Mission Realities."               "Towards a Comprehensive History of Tejano Communities," (Co-authored with Gerald E. Poyo)               "Indians and Their Cultures in San Fernando de Bexar," (Co-authored with Anne A. Fox)               "The Formation of the San Antonio Community," (Co-authored with Gerald E. Poyo).

"Friars and Indians in Spanish Texas : Towards a Perspective of Cultural Interaction," in The U. S. Catholic Historian. (Summer, 1990).

"The Enduring Faith Communities: A Historiography of the Spanish and Mexican Texas Catholic Church," in The Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture (Spring, 1990). "Spanish Texas and Borderlands Historiography in Transition: Implications for United States History," The Journal of American History, September, 1988, (Co-authored with Gerald E. Poyo).

A Borderlands Town in Transition:  Laredo , 1755-1870., Texas A&M Press, 1983.


"Merchants of Mexiquito," a study, with anthropologist Joseph Spielberg, on the mid-twentieth century small business families in the Mexican barrio of Rio Grande Valley town as representative of a rising middle class among immigrants and first-generation Mexican Americans in South Texas.

"Francisco Yturria, Man for All Peoples," a biography based on the Yturria Papers, a family collection in Brownsville , Texas (assisting Frank D. Yturria). PAPERS AND MANUSCRIPTS IN PROGRESS: "San Antonio ís Historical Development," in The Politics and Development of San Antonio , Richard Gambitta and Raquel Marquez, eds.

"Dn. Francisco Yturria, Dear Sir:" Letters from South Texas and Mexico , Editor and Translator.

First drafts of Introductions and initial selection of letters for two out of five chapters.


Of Thomas E. Sheridan, Empire of Sand: The Seri Indians and the Struggle for Spanish Sonora in Catholic Southwest: A Journal of History and Culture (2001)

Of J. Gilberto Quesada, Border Boss: Manuel B. Bravo and Zapata County in Journal of American History (December, 2000)

Of Andres Tijerina, Tejano Empire: Life on the South Texas Ranches in Catholic Southwest: A Journal of History and Culture (2000)

Of John Miller Morris, El Llano Estacado : Exploration and Imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico , 1536-1860 in Journal of American History (June, 1999)

Of Donna J. Guy and Thomas E. Sheridan, eds., Contested Ground: Comparative Frontiers on the Northern and Southern Edge of the Spanish Empire in Catholic Southwest: A Journal of History and Culture (1999)

Of Kenneth L. Stewart and Arnoldo de Leon, Not Room Enough: Mexicans, Anglos, and Socioeconomic Change in Texas , 1850 - 1900 in Pacific Historical Review Of Don J. Usner, Sabinoís Map: Life in Chimayoís Old Plaza in Journal of American History (December, 1996)

Of Timothy M. Matovina, Tejano Religion and Ethnicity: San Antonio , 1821- 1860 in Journal of American History (June, 1996)

Of Daniel D. Arreola and James R. Curtis, The Mexican Border Cities : Landscape Autonomy and Place Personality in Southwestern Historical Quarterly (April, 1994)

Of Donald E. Chipman, Spanish Texas , 1519 - 1821 in The Journal of American History (Fall, 1994)

Of David J. Weber, The Spanish Frontier in North America in The American Historical Review (Spring, 1994)

Of Helen Simons and Cathryn A. Holt, eds., Hispanic Texas : A Historical Guide in Cite: Architecture and Design Review (Rice University, Fall, 1993)

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Of Jack Jackson, Los Mestenos: Spanish Ranching in Texas , in the American Historical Review (April 1987).

Of Oscar J. Martinez, Fragments of the Mexican Revolution: Personal Accounts from the Border, in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly (October 1986).


Weekly columns in the Express-News on culture, and history, and current events. Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! A History of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Texas Monthly Press, 1988. (Co-authored with Mary Ann Bruni).

"IMAX Missed a Chance to Put History Right," San Antonio Express News, March 27, 1988 .

"The Catholic Church in Texas ," San Antonio Express-News, September 13, 1987 .

"A Brief History of the Catholic Church in Texas ," Papal Visit Program, 1987.

They Still Call It Home, Vista Verde Oral History Project, City of San Antonio (Contributing Editor), 1985.

"Charting a Border Culture" and "The Texas-Mexico Border: A Turbulent History" in The Texas Humanist, March/April 1984.

Laredo , Texas : A Gateway Community in the Texas Borderlands, Archaeological and Historical Investigation for Laredo City Toll Plaza . 41 WB 36, 41 WB 37, and 41 38. Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio , 1984. (Co-authored with William J. Foley, Idys Wayne Cox, and Anne A. Fox).


University of the Incarnate Word 1999-2004           Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

1995-1999           Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

1993-1995           Dean, Humanities and Fine Arts The University of Texas at San Antonio

1992-1993           Discipline Coordinator for History                                Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences

1990-1992           Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs                                Acting Director, University Honors Program                                Member, Steering Committee, Accreditation Self-Study                                Member, Faculty Teaching and Research Awards Committee

1990-1993           Strategic Planning Committees                                University Core Curriculum Advisory Committee

1983-1985           Undergraduate Advisor of Record, Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences


1996                      Management Development Program, Harvard University 1991                      Administrative Development, Texas A & M University 1984-1985           Educational Leadership Fellowship


1994                            Paul J. Foik Award, Texas Catholic Historical Society,                        for Mexican Americans in the Catholic Church

1992                      Honorable Citation, San Antonio Conservation Society

1991                       First Place , La BahÌa Award for Tejano Origins

1990                      Gonzales Community Study, Texas  Department of Transportation Grant

1988                      Presidio La BahÌa Award, First Place , Essay on Borderlands Historiography

1987                      Presidio La BahÌa Award, Second Place , Essay on Cultural Interaction in the Missions

1986-1987           Texas Committee for the Humanities, Tejanos Conference and Exhibit Grant

1984-1985           Educational Leadership Fellowship

1984                       Texas Catholic Historical Society, Research Grant

1983                      Presidio La BahÌa Award, First Place , for Borderlands Town in Transition

1982                      Mexican American Cultural Center, Research Grant

1981-1982          Fulbright Scholar , Mexico

1975                      Dora Bonham Scholarship, UT Austin

1974                      The Driscoll Scholarship, UT Austin

1974,1972           The Center for Mexican American Studies, UT Austin


2000-Pres. Board, Hispanic Heritage Society

1996-Pres. Board, San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council

1994-Pres. Board, Mexican American Cultural Center

1991-1994 President, Texas Catholic Historical Society

1990 President-Elect , Texas Catholic Historical Society

1988 The Governor's Texas-Coahuila Historical Commission

1987-1990 Planning Board, United States-Mexico Institute

1986-Pres. Archivist, Yturria Papers Collection, Brownsville

Planning Committee, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, San Antonio, Texas

1981-1984 Associate Editor, Crane Publishing Company, Trenton , New Jersey

1980-Pres. Adjunct Faculty, Mexican American Cultural Center

1979-Pres. Lecturer, Docent Program, Institute of Texan Cultures

1976-1978 Adjunct Faculty, Juarez-Lincoln University , Austin , Texas

1973-1975 Center for Public Schools Ethnic Studies, University of Texas , Austin

1970 Program Assistant, Office of Education, HEW, Washington , D.C.

1968-1969 Assistant Archivist, Bexar County Archives

1967-1968 Program Director, "Voces del Seminario," KWEX-TX

1965-1967 Parish Religious Education, Oblate College of the Southwest


1994 "Tejano Involvement in the Mexican Independence Movement, A Study of a Changing Identity," Fort Bend Museum , Richmond , Tx ,

1993 "Formation of the Tejano Identity and Community," Tejanos in Resistance, San Antonio,

1992 "Mexican American Community Heritage," Texas A & M University South Texas Quincentennial Conferences

1991 "The Historiography of the Texas Revolution," Mexican Americans in Texas History, San Antonio, May

1990 "Principles of Cultural Interaction: The Spanish Missions," National Park Service Missions Conference, San Antonio , November

"The Chicano Movement and Its Links to the Mexican American Past," De Leon Historical Conference, Victoria , Texas , April

1989 "El mestizaje in Tejas en la Jpoca colonial," Ethnicity on the Frontier Conference, Consejo Cultural De Nuevo Le\n, Monterrey, N.L.

"Tejanos in the Texas Revolution: A Historiographical Essay," Tejanos in Revolt, 1770-1836 Conference, Institute of Texan Cultures, March

1988 "Images and Self-Images of the Mexican American," Encuentro Chicano, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, San Antonio, September

1987 "The Mission Communities," 18th Century Origins of the Tejano Community Conference, TCH, Institute of Texas Cultures, October

"Roots of Mexican American History," Encuentro Chicano, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, April

1986 "Communities in Texas : A Historiographical Review," Texas State Historical Association Annual Meeting, March (Co-authored with Gerald E. Poyo)

1986 "Tejanos in the Revolution," TSHA Annual Meeting, March

"Historiography of the Texas Revolution," Sesquicentennial Conference, Texas Southmost College , November

"The Mexican American Experience in Texas History Courses," TSHA Texas History Texas Annual Meeting, July

"The Catholic Church in the Southwest," National Association of Hispanic Priests Annual Meeting, October

"Cultural Interaction in the Missions," Research Commission for Latin American Church History (CEHILA), December ( U.S. Conference)

1985 "Family and Neighborhood Oral History Projects," Summer Institute, Learning About Learning, San Antonio , Texas

1984 "Cultural Interaction in the San Antonio Missions," Texas State Historical Association, Austin , Texas

1981 " Laredo , 1755-1821, A Demographic Profile," Southwestern Social Sciences Association, Dallas , Texas

1980 "Work and Unemployment: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in the Borderlands" Conference on Work and Unemployment, Texas Committee for the Humanities, The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

1978 " Laredo on the Rio Grande , 1755-1821," Texas A & I, Kingsville , Texas


1994 Yale University Press

Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, San Antonio

KLRN, Heritage Series

1993 New Mexico University Press

1992 Texas University Press

1992-1993 Rio Grande Communities, PBS, Houston

1991 Encounters of Two Worlds, National Television Program

1991 Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, 7th Grade Texas History Textbook

1989-Pres. The University of Texas Press

1988-Pres. The Texas-Coahuila Historical Commission

Texas Committee for the Humanities

1987 Spanish Texas , Texas Education Agency, Tie-In TV Network National Park Service, San Antonio Missions

Historical Roots, Neighborhoods U. S. Conferences, San Antonio

1987 Mother St. Pierre Cinquin Project, TCH - Incarnate Word College

1987 Spanish Language Newspapers, Catholic Press Association, Annual Conference

1986 CICE Recruitment of Minorities Program

National Public Radio on Texas Revolution

Readers' Digest, Mexican American History

CBN, The Spanish-Mexican Experience

Hendricks-Long Publishing, 7th Grade Texas History Text

1985 Old Spanish Archives, Our Lady of the Lake University

Rio Medina Project, Center for Archaeological Research

1984 Volunteers for Educational and Social Services

Vista Verde Oral History Project

1983-1984 Volunteer for Educational and Social Services

1983 Crane Publishing Company

1982 City of San Antonio , Immigration Conference sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities

1981 Public School Teachers of Social Sciences Institute, Pan American University

1980-1981 Mexican American History Institute, North Texas State University

1979,1980 Texas Endowment for the Humanities, Oral History Project, Trinity University ,

1979-1981 The Texas Historical Foundation, Hoblitzelle Historical Markers Program

1979 Intercultural Development Research Association

1977 Conference on Immigration and the Mexican National, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Trinity University

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