The Jefferson Bank Investor Challenge

The Jefferson Bank Investor Challenge

H-E-B School of Business & Administration Jefferson Bank Investor Challenge


The Investor Challenge program introduces high school students who have completed their junior year to financial literacy, planning, and the stock market. A secondary goal is to have the students attend classes on a college campus to visualize themselves going to college.


The Investor Challenge course meets four hours a day for one week during the summer, resulting in 20 hours of instruction. The course is designed as follows:

  • 8 hours: Financial literacy and planning
  • 8 hours: Understanding the stock market
  • 2 hours: Financial aid for college
  • 1 hour: Campus tour
  • 1 hour: Financial discussion and student feedback

To increase financial literacy, students will be taught how to use basic budgeting and cash flow management software such as Students will be shown how even small changes in lifestyle can result in huge amounts of wealth through the power of compound interest. We will also stress the importance of using the mainstream financial system to save money and have greaterFinancial resource Center at the H-E-B School of Business & Administration access to credit. Students will determine their unique money personality and how to leverage it for increased saving and investment while avoiding the pitfalls of their personality. Most importantly, students will learn that the more you understand about personal finance, the more successful you can be in reaching your goals.

Students are taught the basics about stock symbols, the various exchanges, risk and diversification. After a brief training period, they are each given a simulated portfolio that mirrors the U.S. stock market. They will then research companies and buy and sell stocks in a competition to see who can increase the starting portfolio the most. The challenge will last for approximately 20 weeks so the students can experience some of the natural ups and downs associated with the stock market. The winner of the challenge will receive $500 and a plaque with their name engraved that will be prominently displayed in UIW’s Financial Resource Center.




Classes begin Monday, June 12, 2017 and end Friday, June 16, 2017. They will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily.

The 20-week investment period begins upon completion of the week of classes.



Students interested in participating in the Jefferson Bank Investor Challenge are asked to pay a $25 fee.




The deadline to apply for the Investor Challenge is Friday, June 2, 2017. The application below must be submitted in full, including an essay.

Notification of acceptance will be given within one week of application submittal. 


Please type the name of your high school.