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Nick Debose - HEART OF UIW

Posted: April 21, 2017  |  by Carl Myers

Football coach, Nick Debose’s friendly nature and outgoing personality have helped him make an impact on the UIW community that goes far beyond the reach of the football field.

Nick Debose

 “What inspires me about working at UIW and with UIW is being able to go out into the community, meet different people from a lot of different places, cultures, religions and ethnicities, and learn a lot about them and teach them about me too.”

 Before coming to UIW, Debose coached at his alma matter Southeastern Oklahoma. He later coached for Texas A&M Kingsville until he was hired as a Cardinals secondary coach.

Since then, Debose has embedded himself in the UIW culture. He enjoys the opportunity to mentor young adults and get involved with the university’s mission.

“I think that giving back to the community is not only with our own players, but with elementary schools and doing things in the community; but also having a direct relationship with our players and student athletes. It’s a very important time in their growth from young men to adult men. I feel that’s my way of connecting with them and teaching them lessons as well as others outside of the team.”

In addition to a budding athletics program, Debose feels that UIW stands out with a strong international presence and family atmosphere.

“Whenever I talk to kids, go to their homes and talk recruiting, we always talk about studying abroad and different programs and getting a lot of transfer students from other countries. It’s a very diverse community, and no one here is a minority. Everybody here is part of the UIW family.” 

UIW has also made a personal impact on Debose.

“I’ve been here for over nine years, and I’ve grown a lot. I enjoy going to work every day. If you’re grown and you’re old, you know how special that is. It has brought a peace, calmness, steadiness and a lot of love to my life.” 


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