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Student Health Insurance
        The Campus Health Center provides basic health services that focus on primary prevention care, health education and counseling, emergency care, and the maintenance of health records and insurance.

Health Insurance

All full-time  students (undergraduate 12 or more hours, graduate 9 or more hours, all professional programs 12 hours or more, PhD programs 6 hours or more, 3 hours in dissertation) are automatically billed for health insurance through the university health insurance plan: 

Consolidated Health Plans which is a Preferred Provider Multiplan Network.

Domestic Plan Benefits Flyer

Cost and Period Coverage:

  • Annual 08/01/2016-07/31/2017 = $915.00
  • Fall 08/01/2016 - 12/31/2016 = $467.00
  • Spring 01/01/2017 - 07/31/2017 = $592.00

 To search for a covered provider, visit:

Multiplan Providers

 Insurance Forms: 

Student Claim Form

Insurance Card Request

For Consolidated Health Plans questions, please call 1-800-633-7867.


This plan protects students 24 hours a day, whether at home, school or while traveling. Once a student is enrolled, eligible dependents may also be enrolled.  This coverage is in effect during interim vacation periods.  Participation in intercollegiate athletics is covered.

If a student has his/her own private insurance, an Insurance WAIVER FORM must be submitted on-line to the Insurance Carrier prior to the the last day to receive a 100% refund for the semester as established by the Academic Calendar.


Waiver Form

  • Click on waiver tab
  • Review UIW Domestic University's Online Waiver guidelines.
  • Click "Continue" and proceed as directed.

This link will be available for the FALL EXTENDED TERM AND FALL MINI TERM I beginning: 

May 1, 2016, and will remain active until the last day to collect a 100% refund of your tuition.

Have your insurance information ready, you will need to provide that information in order to waive out.  No refunds for the health insurance plan will be made unless a completed waiver form has been submitted prior to the established deadline. 

The deadlines to waive are as follows:

  • Annual/Fall semester: September 15, 2016
  • Fall Mini II semester: October 31, 2016
  • Spring/Summer semester: January 31, 2017
  • Spring Mini II semester: March 30, 2017

International students are not permitted to waive the University’s Health Insurance Plan. 

Family Member Enrollment:

Students currently enrolled in any University term(s) with the exception of UIW Online can purchase UIW student insurance for themselves and their* dependents by applying on line with Consolidated Health Plans ( during eligible enrollment periods (30 days from the start of an eligible term).

***Dependent rates are in addition to the student rate*** Please contact CHP for fees.

*Individual student insurance must be purchased prior to availability for dependent coverage 

Check your student account after the waiver deadline to ensure charges have been removed. 


Immunizations and Health Records

All full time undergraduate students living on campus are required to complete and submit a completed health form, including an immunization history:

Proof of Td (tetanus diphtheria) a booster is required every 10 years.

Two doses of MMR (measles mumps and rubella) are required.

Meningitis is a vaccine preventable disease. Please refer to the link on our Home Page that provides information regarding the meningitis vaccine. New requirements went into effect in October 2013.

Note: Students enrolling in The Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions (Nursing, Nuclear Medicine, and Athletic Training),The Feik School of Pharmacy,The Rosenberg School of Optometry and The School of Physical Therapy are subject to meeting more stringent immunization requirements prior to being accepted into the program.


Needle Stick Coverage: Allied Health Professions Students are required to have insurance coverage for subsequent lab testing in the event of an exposure to blood or body fluids due to an accidental needle stick. If you have purchased the University's Student Health Insurance Plan, you are automatically covered.

If you have private insurance, a rider is available for a nominal fee.

Please follow the instructions for this rider or if any problems, please contact Student Assurances directly at (800) 328-2739.

Click on link below to purchase Needle Stick Coverage through Student Assurance Services:

Needle Stick Coverage Enrollment

or manually log onto

  • Select College, Student; Click on “look up school”
  • At the pull down menu select Texas
  • At the next pull down menu, select “University of the  Incarnate Word—Domestic Students”
  • Select 2016-2017 Needle Stick Purchase Online
  • On this form provide all required information, Select Premium ($10.00) for the needle stick coverage for the year
  • Provide Credit Card Information and Electronic Signature
  • Submit and provide a copy of your receipt to Health Services


For additional information contact Student Health Services at 210-829-6017.