Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies

The minor in Religious Studies is recommended both for students interested in religious education and/or church ministry, and for those wishing to augment their academic background in the area to support the liberal arts dimension of their chosen professional career (e.g. law, medical, business).

The Minor in Religious Studies requires 18 semester hours:

1. 9 semester hours (amy three of the courses below) 2. 9 semester hours of additional upper-division courses

RELS 1305 Introduction to Theology and Ethics

RELS 1315 Origins of Christianity

RELS 1325 The Religious Quest

RELS 1335 Spirituality and Prayer


Undergraduate Certificate in Religious Studies: A certificate in Religious Studies will be awarded to students who complete 18 semester hours of Religious Studies coursework, including 1345, 2320 or 2350 and 3345.