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There are many places to search for grant opportunities, such as:

  • – This is a great resource to search for federal and private funds for STEM and health science funding.
  • - The search engine for all federally-funded grant programs currently accepting applications. You can also sign up to receive regular updates on new grant opportunities as soon as they are published. Click here for a PowerPoint tutorial on how to navigate it and conduct searches.
  • - Provides a list and description of many federal programs, some of which may not be listed on (Very useful!).
  • - Allows you to search for private foundations by name, location, and funding interest (registration is free).
  • - This is a website of the National Science Foundation and includes a list of grant opportunities. The NSF focuses on the STEM fields and the social sciences.
  • Use key word searches on Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo!
  • Ask the Grants Office staff for additional resources or ideas.