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  • If you have little or no grant experience – or don’t have time to write a grant – do this:

Bring us your idea. We’ll help you write an abstract, research funding sources, edit the narrative, prepare the budget, collect addenda, make copies, and even submit the grant for you electronically or by mail. 

  • If you are a seasoned grant writer:

We can help you develop ideas or programs, edit your narrative, examine the budget, and submit the application. We’ll give you as little or as much help as you need.

**Please note, however, that the Grants Department needs to know that you are working on a grant, even if you need limited or no help preparing it


If you're going to apply for a federal grant, please read this recent article to understand how the process has become more competitive in recent years:

"Grant Programs Get Persnickety" - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 21, 2015