School of Graduate Studies and Research

Research and Scholarship

UIW graduate students

As a community of scholars, UIW faculty and students contribute to the scholarship of discovery and teaching that seeks to explore and advance the limits of knowledge in every discipline, and to define “state of the art” in every field. Our purpose is not only to serve the needs of society in specific technical and professional ways, but to serve the greater human need for intellectual expansion. Graduate education is the major source of society’s future intellectual leaders and is the engine of economic, social and intellectual advancement. UIW faculty and students are actively engaged in the pursuit of innovative Mission-based solutions to the challenges of the twenty-first century global community. A small sample of current research topics include:

H-E-B School of Business and Administration: international business relations and management; organizational operations; marketing strategies and techniques; international finance and rule making as applied in developing nations; and accounting standards and ethics.

Dreeben School of Education: childhood obesity and how it may be combated within the schools; new methods of teaching children mathematics and science; new methods of leadership within the United States and abroad; and a host of pedagogical issues.

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: migration patterns in southeast Asia; cultural explorations of identity in border regions; pollution control in historical contexts; cultural exchanges within the Middle East; methods of Catholic social justice teaching techniques; and cultural identity scales within elements of the Hispanic community.

School of Interactive Media and Design: impact of media on society; the new media of the internet; technological transformation of media production; and Second Life as a learning and lived experience.

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering: raising nutrition standards in developing countries; nearness spaces within mathematics; explorations in nanotechnology and science as related to human DNA; chemical analysis of medical plants; and the engineering of vehicles for un-manned flight.

School of Nursing and Health Professions: impact of family history on health; educational practices in nursing curriculums; cardiac disease in students; cardiac health in athletes; hypertension within the Hispanic community; and effect of high-impact training on athletes.



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