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Doctor of Philosophy - Concentration in Higher Education

This concentration is designed to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in higher education with the knowledge and capacity to understand and facilitate change in institutions of higher education. The program grounds the students both in theory and in the tools and methodology of research so that they can contribute to academic inquiry and apply theory to issues facing institutions of higher education. Depending on the choices of electives and master’s degree, the graduate may enter careers in higher education leadership or teaching. Those with an intended focus in teaching must meet the required number of hours in the discipline through electives and the master’s degree. With an emphasis on collaborative learning, the concentration incorporates collegiality among students, among faculty, and between faculty and students. Opportunity is available for learning through teaching and a higher education practicum as well as directed consultation and research.

Doctor of Philosophy - Concentration in International Education and Entrepreneurship

The Ph.D. in the Dreeben School of Education with a International Education and Entrepreneurship (IE&E) concentration enables students to develop enterprises of a cultural, educational, humanitarian, or business nature that show a full understanding of the host culture and its relation in theory and practice with Western culture. It allows theoretical study with a practical impulse that involves an awareness of business and educational systems and their development in existing, new, and emerging arenas.

The foundation courses combine comparative study of the educational and cultural systems of the world with experiential learning in entrepreneurship. This concentration achieves its aim through a blend of theoretical study and practice engagement. Practical application and experience are achieved by each student in two internships: a nine week internship in the student's home country and a six month internship in a country other than the home country.

Doctor of Philosophy - Concentration in Organizational Leadership

The Doctor of Philosophy in the Dreeben School of Education with a Concentration in Organizational Leadership provides an interdisciplinary curriculum involving the Schools of Education, Business, as well as other disciplines within the University. Students enrolled in this program will experience collegiality and collaboration among students, and as organizational leaders between faculty and students. The course work offers flexibility so that each student can meet individual objectives and have opportunities to take action in practicums and consultation work. The core curriculum grounds the students both in theory of organization and in the tools and methodology of research so that they can contribute to scholarly endeavors and apply theory to problems facing organizations, institutions, and society.

Doctor of Business Administration

UIW's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program intends to create scholar-practitioners who are able to make original contributions to the advancement of business research and practice. Program objectives are to create graduates who will:

  • develop innovative principles and practices in business operations and management;
  • conduct original and applied research for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating results;
  • use technology efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational and professional goals;
  • employ ethical leadership to solve domestic and global social issues; and
  • communicate appropriately in diverse environments by aligning audience, medium, and message.