Chapter VI. Graduate Programs

School of Optometry

Doctor of Optometry (O.D.)

Admission to the School of Optometry is a competitive process. In addition to the scholastic requirements, applicants will be considered for admission based on academic and personal qualifications.

Eligible applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Required Courses                                                
Biology with lab*                                         2 semesters
Inorganic Chemistry with lab                        2 semesters             
General Physics with lab                              2 semesters
College Mathematics                                   2 semesters
  (At least 1 semester of Calculus)                                              
Organic Chemistry with lab                          1 semester
Microbiology with lab
  (Or Bacteriology with lab – 1 semester)                              
Biochemistry or Molecular Biology                 1 semester                               
Psychology                                                  1 semester
Statistics                                                     1 semester
English                                                        2 semesters

*2 semesters of General Biology with lab OR 1 semester of General Biology with lab and 1
semester of any of the following courses with lab: Cell Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, or Genetics.

Additional Required Courses (for students entering without a Bachelor’s degree)
Humanities                                                            2 courses
Behavioral & Social Sciences                                2 courses

Recommended Courses (but not required)
Physiology                                                           Recommended
Anatomy                                                              Recommended
Ethics                                                                     Recommended

Note. As part of the School of Optometry’s accreditation process, this basic information may be subject to modification in the coming year.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact the UIW School of Optometry at 210-883-1190 or, or the Office of Optometry Admissions at 210-883-1193. Additional information may be found on the website at