Chapter VI. Graduate Programs

Feik School of Pharmacy

The Feik School of Pharmacy envisions itself as a partner in the community of health care educators and practitioners who are patient advocates dedicated to the delivery of superior care and enhancement of the quality of life for all citizens through the development of highly trained, culturally-competent, caring pharmacists.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

The program focuses on a strong foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences, curricular integration, provision of high-quality pharmaceutical care, lifelong learning, appropriate use of technology, and opportunities for multi-cultural and multi-language development.  The School promotes full emergence of the student as a practitioner and scholar, and the faculty as fine-tuned educators through community and professional service, leadership opportunities, planned development activities, and scholarship. The integrated course of study provides approximately 37 hours in the pharmaceutical sciences, 11 hours in pharmacy administration, and 106 hours in pharmacy practice and experiential learning.

Admission Requirements
Applicants must complete a pre-pharmacy course of study at any U.S. accredited college or university.  The pre-pharmacy curriculum must compare in content and comprehensiveness with the Incarnate Word pre-pharmacy program. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0 in pre-pharmacy course work and 64 semester hours (71 hours for Graduate/professional financial aid). Students who have completed a 4-year degree are encouraged to apply. Prerequisites include:

General Biology with Lab--------4
General Chemistry with lab-----8
Microbiology with lab-------------4
Human Anatomy/Physiology-----8
Organic Chemistry with lab------8
Physics with Lab-------------------4
English Composition--------------6
Social/Behavioral Sciences-------6

The process for admission to the Fall class opens in September and concludes January 31. All students, including UIW Pre-pharmacy students, must apply for admission to the Professional program using the Pharmacy Admission Application. Applicant must have official transcripts from all colleges attended, undergraduate and graduate, 2 letters of recommendation, official score reports from the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT: Code #099),  proof of 80 hours of experience in an approved pharmacy setting, and acceptable TOEFL scores when English is not the primary language. An onsite interview (applicants’ expense) is required for persons who are under consideration for admission.  A critical thinking assessment and writing sample will be taken at that time. Review of applicants will begin first business day of February of the application year.

More information regarding the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program can be found in a separate UIW Feik School of Pharmacy Bulletin and on the School of Pharmacy webpage,

School of Optometry

Doctor of Optometry (O.D.)

Admission to the School of Optometry is a competitive process. In addition to the scholastic requirements, applicants will be considered for admission based on academic and personal qualifications.

Eligible applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Required Courses                                                
Biology with lab*                                         2 semesters
Inorganic Chemistry with lab                       2 semesters             
General Physics with lab                              2 semesters
College Mathematics                                    2 semesters
  (At least 1 semester of Calculus)                                              
Organic Chemistry with lab                           1 semester
Microbiology with lab
  (Or Bacteriology with lab – 1 semester)                              
Biochemistry or Molecular Biology                  1 semester                               
Psychology                                                     1 semester
Statistics                                                         1 semester
English                                                             2 semesters
*2 semesters of General Biology with lab OR 1 semester of General Biology with lab and 1
semester of any of the following courses with lab: Cell Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, or Genetics.

Additional Required Courses (for students entering without a Bachelor’s degree)
Humanities                                                            2 courses
Behavioral & Social Sciences                                2 courses

Recommended Courses (but not required)
Physiology                                                           Recommended
Anatomy                                                              Recommended
Ethics                                                                     Recommended

Note. As part of the School of Optometry’s accreditation process, this basic information may be subject to modification in the coming year.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact the UIW School of Optometry at 210-883-1190 or, or the Office of Optometry Admissions at 210-883-1193. Additional information may be found on the website at