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XII. Course Descriptions

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Communication Arts (COMM)

COMM 6300 Research and Writing Techniques
This course is writing-intensive, focusing on both informative and persuasive writing modes. It emphasizes essay composition and revision, the philosophy of scholarship, and qualitative and quantitative research methods. Course should be taken in the first semester offered.

COMM 630l/7301 Communication Theory
This course introduces the major theories in mass communication utilizing both social sciences and cultural studies approaches, which explore media content and its effects as well as audience reaction to media. This course should be taken in the first semester offered.

COMM 6302/7302 Media Ethics
This course focuses on media accountability, media problems and changing roles of the media. The relationship between the media and various societal groups, i.e., family, government, community, women, and minorities will be examined.

COMM 6303 Principles of Writing for the Media
This course offers an examination and application of writing principles, approach, and practice for print and broadcast media. Survey of techniques and samples are included.

COMM 6304 Aesthetics of Visual Perception
The class explores the fundamentals of sensory perception of sight and sound as they relate to the arts of media communication. Principles of motion, color, light, space, and sound are examined. Coursework focuses on successful integration and application of these elements.

COMM 6309/7309 Communication Research Methods
This course focuses on the techniques and principles of communication research in both qualitative and quantitative aspects. It surveys different sorts of research methods in communication studies, including content analysis, survey research, longitudinal research, and experimental research. Pre-requisite: COMM 6300, COMM 6301, COMM 6302.

COMM 6311 Media Production
This class explores various topics examining principles and techniques of media production. Topics include Video Production, Radio Production, Multimedia, Producing and Directing, Audio Production, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design and Layout, New Media Narrative and Convergent Media and others. May be
repeated for credit as topics vary.

COMM 6312 Applied Media Writing
This class offers various topics in theory and practice of writing for the media. Topics include Magazine Article Writing, Issues and Narratives in Bicultural Communication, Writing the Script, and others. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

COMM 6315 Seminar in Film Studies
This course offers various topics examining film and its role in society. Topics include American Cinema, Foreign Film, Film History, Women in the Media, and others. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

COMM 6317/7317 Communications, Technology, and Culture
This class investigates new technologies and explores the ramification of the use of these technologies and their impact on current culture. It will help students to reflectively and critically explore the new forms of communication; their efforts on the media, business, education, and government industries; and the corresponding societal issues. The class will encourage students to reinterpret these issues within a scholarly framework by examining current new media research. Prerequisite COMM 6301.

COMM 6318/7318 Seminar in Mass Communication
A seminar class with varied topics that examines contemporary issues in mass communication. Topics include Diversity in the Media, Citizen Journalism, Social Narrative, and others. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

COMM 6319 Seminar in International Communication
A seminar class with various topics examining international issues in communication. Topics include Intercultural Communication, International Communication, Organizational Communication and Leadership, and others. Offerings may also include study abroad.

COMM 6320 Advertising
This course is designed to examine theories and principles of advertising and apply them to case studies and an extensive term project. Students will develop advertising critique methods and critical analytical skills to interrogate advertising in society, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

COMM 6345 Practicum in Specialized Area of Study
This course provides experience and training in the communications field with a designated company or an accomplished professional. Practicum requires a minimum of set hours on-the-job experience per week and a comprehensive report evaluating the practicum experience at the end of the semester. Pre-requisites: Eighteen hours of graduate credit and permission of graduate advisor.

COMM 6375 Public Relations
This course is designed to examine theories of public relations and persuasion and apply them to case studies and a term project. It is writing intensive and emphasizes analytical techniques of public relations practice.

COMM 6330 Latino/a Identities in U.S.
A critical approach on the emergence of Latino/a identities in the United States, their cross-cultural expansion in the American Southwest, as well as their cultural influence in society and media institutions.

COMM 6335 Advanced Bilingual Journalism
This course is designed as a workshop for advanced bilingual students interested in improving their writing and reporting skills for broadcasting in English and Spanish.

COMM 6398 Directed Studies in Communication Arts
Opportunity for advanced graduate students to engage in specialized tutorial study with specific faculty. Prerequisite: permission of graduate advisor and specified faculty.

COMM 63CS1 Communication Capstone
Final class, which culminates and integrates various skills and theories of the Communication Arts degree into one final capstone product. COMM 63CS1 must be taken as the final course of the degree.

COMM 63TP Thesis Proposal
This class explores the techniques of writing for a major project. A written thesis proposal will be completed at the end of the program. Must have 27 hours of graduate work completed in Communication Arts. Pre-requisites COMM 6301, COMM 6302, COMM 6308, and COMM 6309.

COMM 63TR Thesis Research
Completion of thesis in final semester. Pre-requisite COMM 63TP.