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XI. University Services

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The commitment made by the University to the education of the individual includes the development of the whole person. The administration, faculty, and staff recognize that the student is not merely a recipient of knowledge, but a developing individual preparing for a larger role in society—beyond the university experience. To this end, the University provides a variety of services and programs designed to assist the individual in the process of development and to enable him/her to make the best possible use of university experience.

Counseling Service

The services offered by the Counseling Center are designed to provide assistance in resolving problems encountered by students as they seek to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. It is the Center’s philosophy that each person should be encouraged and given the opportunity to take responsibility for his/her own decision-making process and life style. The Counseling Center staff facilitates this process in an environment of understanding and confidentiality through personal and educational counseling. The staff is also available to provide a variety of small group workshops.

Food Service

The University of the Incarnate Word offers several locations for food service.

Marian Hall Café – located in Marian Hall/Student Center, is the main dining facility and provides a variety of all you care to eat food options: home-cooked entrees, salad bar and soup, pizza, the grill, and made to order entrees.

Hortencia’s Café located in the Administration Building, features Chick-fil-A, Freshens smoothies and yogurt, Grab-n-go salads, and convenience items.

Java on the Hill a coffee shop featuring Starbucks coffee, is located adjacent to the Bookstore in the McCombs Building. It features pizzas, hot appetizers, salads and sandwiches, and desserts. A limited selection of beer and wine is also available.

Finnegan’s Coffee Shop – featuring Starbucks coffee and tea, is located in the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Library. Enjoy gourmet sandwiches, salads, pastries and desserts, and an assortment of bottled beverages.

Circa 1881 is located on the 1st floor of the Grossman International Conference Center and features tacos, burritos, and wraps.

Pharmacy RX Café – located in the Feik School of Pharmacy Building, offers a daily entrée, grab and go sandwiches, salads, beverages, and snack items.

The Café located at the Rosenberg School of Optometry serves breakfast tacos, grab and go sandwiches, salads, beverages, and snack items.
Most buildings on campus also feature drink and/or snack machines for your convenience.

Health Services

The Campus Health Center provides free basic health services to enrolled students. Services focus on primary prevention care, health education and counseling, emergency care and the maintenance of health records, insurance, and assistance with processing university health insurance claims. Students enrolled in programs that require clinical experience in affiliated hospitals and clinics must comply with the health policy requirements of those institutions.

Health Insurance

All students enrolled full time are automatically billed for Health Insurance through the University Health Insurance Plan. If a student has his/her own private insurance then an Insurance WAIVER FORM must be submitted on-line to the Insurance Carrier prior to the 10th class day. No refunds for the health insurance plan will be made unless the waiver requirement has been met. International students are not permitted to waive the University’s Health Insurance Plan.


The University recommends that all full-time students who live in on-campus housing and all F-1 International Students provide a health history and immunization records upon enrollment. Recommended immunizations include a Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td), Two Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and a Polio series if less than 18 years of age. International students and those born outside of the United States are also required to have a Tuberculosis skin test (PPD), available in Health Services for a nominal fee. The results of the skin test must be within one year of starting at UIW. If the PPD is positive, then a chest X-ray within one year of admission is required.

Change to Meningitis Vaccine Law

A recent change to Texas State law (SB 1107) mandates that all entering students under the age of 30 provide a certificate signed by a health care provider or an official immunization record verifying that a student has been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis, or has received a booster during the five years preceding admission to the University. An entering student includes:

  • A new student, including transfer students
  • A student previously enrolled in any institution of higher education following a break of at least one fall or spring semester

The vaccine must be received prior to the 10th day before the first day of the semester. The vaccine is available through UIW Student Health Services. It is also available through your local health department, your Primary Care Physician, HEB, Walgreens, and many other convenient care centers. Pricing will vary.

A student, or a parent, or a guardian of a student, is not required to submit evidence of receiving the vaccination against bacterial meningitis if the student, or parent, or guardian of a student submits to the institution:

  • An affidavit or a certificate signed by a physician who is duly licensed to practice medicine in the United States, in which it is stated that, in the physician’s opinion, the vaccination would be injurious to the health and well-being of the student; or
  • An affidavit signed by the student stating that the student declines the vaccination for bacterial meningitis for reasons of conscience, including religious belief. A conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State health Services must be used.
  • This law does not apply to students enrolled in on-line only courses or other distance education courses

Link to exemption form:
If you will be living in the residence hall, this requirement is already in effect, documentation must be provided a minimum of 10 days prior to move-in. If you are a commuter student, you must comply with this law in order to register.

We suggest viewing additional information at the following website: You will find information on:

  • Symptoms and consequence of the disease
  • How the disease is transmitted
  • Available treatments for the disease
  • Availability, effectiveness, and possible risks/side effects of the vaccine and treatments for the disease
  • Sources of additional information regarding the disease

The legislation requires that the vaccine must be received prior to the 10th day before the first day of the semester.

Intramural Activities

The University of the Incarnate Word provides a wide range of physical activities to the University community through the intramural and recreation program. A variety of individual, dual and team activities are offered in the intramural and recreational programs. Also, team sports offer co-ed and men’s divisions. Students, faculty, and staff have an opportunity to participate in these recreational and competitive activities as players, officials, scorers, and activity managers. Programs are facilitated in the Fall and Spring semesters. Limited programs are offered during the Summer semesters.

Professional Development & Career Services

The Office of Professional Development & Career Services is committed to providing career counseling and education to students in all UIW programs and alumni. The services offered include, but are not limited to, individual career counseling, personality and career assessment, resume and cover letter review, career related workshops, and software resources. In addition, we host a number of on-campus employer events each semester.

Security and Parking

The UIW Police Department is a professional agency, whose officers are commissioned police officers licensed by the State of Texas, which provides services to enhance the safety and security of the UIW community. The Campus Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of State law and University policies including, but not limited to, parking, traffic control, building access, and student conduct, as well as special events.

For the protection of all concerned, it is expected that students and staff alike carry their University campus identification card.

All automobiles parked on campus must display a UIW parking permit as instructed in the UIW Parking and Traffic Regulations in order to park on campus. Students must obtain a UIW Parking Permit as instructed below. Failure to appropriately display the parking permit as described in the UIW Parking and Traffic Regulations is cause for the vehicle to receive a ticket.

Register your vehicle on-line through the Banner Web Self-Service site.
Login to secure area and follow instructions to access Cardinal Cars.

  • Enter User ID: (student or employee ID#)
  • Enter PIN: (if you need assistance contact the Business Office)
  • First time users PIN: (Date of Birth) MMDDYY
  • Click Login.
  • Open Vehicle Registration.
  • Open Cardinal Cars.
  • Read the Parking Rules and Regulations and the Vehicle Registration Disclaimer to proceed.
  • Click on Parking Permits.
  • Select a permit from the dropdown box and click Continue.
  • Here you will enter your vehicle information, if your vehicle exist from a prior year, check the check box next to the vehicle.
  • At the bottom of the screen add your vehicle information and click Add Vehicle.
  • It will ask you to verify the vehicle information just entered, click OK.
  • If you have more than one vehicle repeat steps 11 – 12. (Please be aware you will only receive one permit for all vehicles and must transfer permit to vehicle on campus.)
  • After adding all of your vehicles, click the select box next to each vehicle to be assigned to the permit.
  • Click Permit Selection, and verify the permit selected, click OK.
  • The Temporary Permit will be displayed; scroll to the bottom and print a copy. (Printing of temporary permit can only be done at the time of Online Vehicle Registration.)
  • Click Parking Home.
  • At the top of the page click Self-Service Banner to return to the Self-Service Menu.
  • Click Vehicle Registration.
  • Select Cardinal Cars Payroll Deduction Form (to be submitted to the Business Office) or contact the Business Office to make your payment.
  • Once completed, your designated decal will be mailed to your permanent address on file.

All student accounts will continue to be charged for parking based on enrollment status. If you do not order a decal, a credit for the parking charge will occur after the 100% drop date.

Handicap and motorcycle permits must be purchased in the Business Office.

Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Violators will be ticketed and charged. Repeat violation may result in the towing or immobilization of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. The University will not be responsible for automobiles parked on the campus, nor for damages thereto. The University assumes no responsibility for the condition of, or cost for retrieval of, any vehicles towed due to parking violations.

For more information on parking and parking permits access the Cardinal Cars through your Banner Web account.

Student Disability Services

The University of the Incarnate Word is committed to providing a supportive, challenging, diverse, and integrated environment for all students. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act – Subpart E and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the University ensures accessibility to its programs, services, and activities for qualified students with documented disabilities. For more information, contact the Student Disability Services Office located at Suite 105 Administration Building, by phone (210) 829-3997, or fax (210) 829-6078.

Student Housing

University housing is available for full-time and part-time students on a space-available basis, with priority given to full-time students. Nine residence halls are provided: Clement Hall, Colbert Hall, Dubuis Hall, Marian Hall, St. Joseph Hall, Agnese-Sosa Living/Learning Center, Hillside Hall, Joeris Hall, and McCombs Center. In addition, the Village of Avoca Apartments provides four-person suites. All halls are air-conditioned and equipped with lounges, laundry facilities, and TV rooms. A room may be reserved by completing the online housing agreement and application, and $225.00 housing deposit.

All residence hall students will be required to purchase a meal plan each semester. Room assignments are made based upon application and deposit dates without regard to race, creed, or national origin. Although most students have roommates, some single rooms are also available.

Professionally trained staff and graduate and undergraduate student Resident Assistants supervise and oversee the residence halls. The University issues Guidelines for Community Living in the Residence Halls, a publication which provides students with information and policies regarding the residence halls.

During some holidays and semester breaks, the residence halls close at 3:00 p.m. on the last day of classes until noon on the day preceding resumption of class breaks. Housing during these periods will be provided for an additional charge. Housing is available during the summer session.
Further information on student housing is available by contacting the Director of Residence Life in the Campus Life Office or e-mailing

Student ID

Each enrolled student is provided with an official University identification card enabling her/him to attend University functions and make use of University facilities and services.

ID cards can be used to purchase food on campus, check out books from the library, and gain entry into the residence halls, Wellness Center, theatre, athletic, and other UIW events.

Because the ID is necessary for security as well as other purposes, any lost, misplaced, or missing ID cards should be reported immediately to the Campus Life Office. The cost to replace a lost ID card is $15.00. Delay in reporting a lost ID card could result in such things as food being purchased by another student and library books being checked out without proper authorization.

At the request of a University official, students are required to present this card as evidence of student status at UIW. Failure to present an ID could result in disciplinary action. The University ID card is nontransferable. Any alterations to the University ID card, false representation in obtaining, and/or violation related to one’s use of the ID card will result in the forfeiture of the card. Serious disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the University, is possible.

University Events and Student Programs

Inherent in the development of each student is the opportunity to learn leadership skills and to participate in campus activities. The Office of Student Center and Leadership Activities University Events and Student Programs, located in Marian Hall, provides students with a wide range of opportunities to participate in social, political service, and educational organizations, including the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board.

Graduate students are invited to join and create student organizations. We currently have a MBA Association and a Doctoral Student Association. Graduate students are also invited to join any of the existing student organizations, including Greek Letter organizations. Information can be found on our website:, or by calling 829-6034. There may also be opportunities for Graduate Assistant positions: Student Center Manager, Greek Life Coordinator, or Student Organizations Coordinator

University Mission and Ministry

Mission Statement

The purpose of University Mission & Ministry is to make visible and tangible the Incarnate Word of God in the University. We do this by engaging University life through prayer, liturgy, outreach, faith development, and pastoral care. While expressing a Catholic identity and the Incarnational spirituality of the founding Sisters, we are enriched by the religious tradition of each individual. Mission & Ministry seeks to empower this community to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating initiatives of service, peace, and justice.


A variety of styles—formal and informal, Catholic and Interdenominational—provide opportunities for students to develop ministry and leadership skills and to participate fully in prayer on campus. You are invited to be a part of our worship ministries—Liturgical Ministries for those who are Catholic (Readers, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, and Hospitality); Praise Team for our interdenominational worship services and our Music Ministries which serves both our Catholic and interdenominational worship. There are also opportunities to prepare for the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist.

Personal and Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Our student Ministry Interns plan and lead all our programs—providing for you many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Some of those opportunities include: Residence Hall Ministry, Breathe (weekly prayer experience), Bible studies, peace and justice initiatives, community service, SALVE Fall Retreat, Breathe Spring Retreat and much more. Students can become a part of Mission and Ministry by simply attending events or by formally signing up with a team member.

Community Service

Mission and Ministry is a resource for community service opportunities. Mission and Ministry also provides opportunities that broaden a student’s educational experience. Meet the Mission and the Alternative Spring Break Program provide experiential learning through service in our local and state communities as well as international sites.