Circle of G.O.L.D. (Graduates of the Last Decade) FAQ

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Q: What is the Young Alumni Circle of G.O.L.D.?

A: The Circle of G.O.L.D. is a new recognition program designed specifically for UIW’s young alumni. Its goal is to encourage consecutive giving to UIW's Annual Fund, regardless of the size of the gift.

Q: Who is eligible for the Young Alumni Circle of G.O.L.D. Club?

A: Eligible graduates of the last decade would include undergraduates from the Class of 2000 through 2010.

Q: How do I become a Young Alumni Circle of G.O.L.D. - Pacesetter?

A: If you have already given to the UIW Young Alumni Circle of G.O.L.D., for two years in a row or longer, you are already a G.O.L.D. PACESETTER! All you have to do to retain membership is continue to give annual gifts to UIW. In return, you will receive special recognition in the fall issue of The Word’s Honor Roll of Donors every year, and milestone gifts in appreciation of loyal giving to UIW.

Q: Why is consecutive giving important to UIW?

A: Annual contributions enhance the learning environment on campus and count toward the alumni participation rate. When corporations and foundations choose universities to support, they look at participation rates as an indication of alumni loyalty to their alma mater. Participation also helps UIW stay high in the national rankings of universities.

Q: Why is private support important?

A: As a student, you may not have realized just how much UIW depends on private giving to the Annual Fund for UIW. Donations allow the university to award scholarships to deserving students, upgrade essential teaching facilities, recruit and retain top professors, and improve campus technology. Gifts to the Annual Fund also demonstrate pride in UIW’s achievements and reaffirm confidence in its future.

Q: Are there membership levels in the Circle of G.O.L.D.?

A: Based on the number of years of consecutive giving, The Young Alumni Circle of G.O.L.D. members reach the following levels:

  • Two to four years: G.O.L.D - Pacesetter
  • Five to six years: G.O.L.D - Red & Black
  • Seven to nine years: G.O.L.D. - Cardinal
  • Ten plus years: G.O.L.D. - Ring

Q: How can I make a gift?

1. Send a check payable to UIW to this address:

Development Office - CPO 317
4301 Broadway Street
San Antonio, TX 78209-6397

2. Charge your contribution to your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover by calling 210-805-5832 or by visiting our secure Web Site:

To learn more about the UIW Circle of G.O.L.D., please contact Patrick Greener at or (210) 805-5832.