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This is definitely a class you have to take if you want to learn more about yourself and the diverse world around you while having fun at the same time. Emerging Leaders is more than just a class, but it’s a second family that you can depend on for support and friendship. Anonymous Fall, 2009

It’s worth it-trust me!!! Eileen A. Fall, 2009

Wow. What a great experience. Few classes teach you about yourself. Matt G. Fall, 2009

A great leader is someone who knows when to follow and when to lead; they give the small people a voice. Emi Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders is the experience you cannot find in a book, but in the classroom with those leading the way and helping you to find your path. Anna-Alizette R. Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders truly helped me discover much more about myself than I every knew and allowed me to meet so many great people. I recommend this class for all first year freshmen. Brian N. Fall, 2009

I truly loved and enjoyed this class; the retreat, the experiences, and especially the new friends I have made that have now become more like family than just classmates. Jeanette M. Fall, 2009

 Emerging Leaders was a great way to start my college career. It helped give me the positive attitude I needed to maintain in the beginning. Leah S. Fall, 2009

I had a great time learning about myself and helping others. Sondriqua C. Fall 2009

You are as great as you allow yourself to be. Anonymous Fall, 2009

It was great meeting so many people and having so many mentors to go to. I gained many great friendships and learned so much about being a leader I would definitely love to be a mentor myself. Kathryn C. Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders is such an amazing class that teaches you not only how to be a leader, but more importantly, about yourself. Natalia R. Fall, 2009

The class was a great learning experience for a future leadership position. It shows that all students in all form have true leadership potential. Brian S. Fall, 2009

This class was very good and I really learned a lot, and I am very happy I took this class. I really enjoyed the retreat, and I really feel like this class has helped me get closer with myself and everything about me. Katie D. Fall, 2009

This class has helped me so much. It has been an amazing experience and has brought me very close to my group and the rest of the class. I learned about myself and how to be a true Emerging Leader. Added a quote from Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech 1994. Anonymous

The Emerging Leaders class gave me a lot of new leadership skills that I can continue to grow on It also gave me lifelong friendships. This class is awesome. Alexandra H. Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders was the most interesting class and it was very easy to get along with everyone who was in it. Mo Ranch was fun!!! This class is the stepping stone to the long journey ahead. Crystal M. Fall, 2009

It was a very fun class. I got to know everyone and everyone is pretty cool in their own ways. Anonymous

Emerging Leaders helped me make new friends and participate in new experiences. It helped me feel more at ease with speaking in public, and making my portfolio filled with a sense of pride at how much I’ve accomplished. Lexi Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders was a great way to meet new people. I was amazed at how close we became. Lauren F. Fall, 2009

A wonderful class with a wonderful experience. Even though I’m disabled, I overcame my disability and became a better leader. Mikey S. Fall, 2009

Emerging Leaders helps you come out of your shell, be more confident talking in front of a crowd, and meet new people that you get close to. Cristina B.

To me, a true leaders is not a super hero, but is one that knows oneself and accepts oneself. Also, one that cares for others and accepts responsibility, especially one that knows their True North (textbook for the class by Bill George).

first year“Emerging Leaders not only opened my eyes to the many aspects of leadership but the course also helped shape my leadership to what it is today. The class, the mentors, and the instructors really made the class a welcoming environment that caught everyone’s attention the moment we stepped into the class. If I had a chance to take the course every semester, I would simply because it’s an amazing experience to build leadership skills with other leaders guiding and supporting each other.”  - Denise H.(UIW SGA President), EL Student/Peer Mentor

"EL was a great class! Its a little extra work, but hard work always comes with payoffs and at the end of the semester, I felt great. I felt more like a well-rounded leader and individual." EL student, Class of '08

first year Walking into Emerging Leaders I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure if it would be the right fit for me.  I now cannot imagine my life without this class.  I made friends that have lasted my entire collegiate career, connections with peers, faculty, and administrators, and I have gained valuable knowledge that is useful in both college and professional settings.  With this class, you get what you put into it, and if you give 100% of your effort, there is no end to the rewards that will be returned. -Peter Fingar; EL Student & Peer Mentor

"Emerging Leaders made me to want to make a difference at the University of the Incarnate Word." - Jacklyn P.

"I liked working with others, listening to others, and having others listen to me." -EL student, Class of ‘06

“Emerging Leaders contributed to my success in my first year; the course contained a lot useful information that helped me prepare and excel not only in the classrooms but in life as a college student.” -Samantha S., EL Student/Peer Mentor

first year

"The bonds that I share with my fellow Emerging Leaders will last a lifetime."  -Sam Sanders, EL Student Coordinator 2007

“Whether you are a born leader or become a leader, this class is an incredible opportunity to change your life and all the while you are making a positive impact on someone else’s life. Thanks Dr. Mac for the incredible experience." -Reagan Merchant, Past Faculty Mentor