First Year Engagement Program

2009 Title V Symposium Information

Northwest Vista College/ University of the Incarnate Word
Title V Symposium on Active/Collaborative Learning
was held on April 3, 2009.

Dr. Carolyn Hopper

Session presentation materials

2008 Title V Symposiusm

A Symposium on best practices in engaging students in learning was held on April 4, 2008 with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Vincent Tinto.

Dr. Tinto is chair of the higher education program at Syracuse University. Professor Tinto’s research deals with student persistence and attainment in higher education. His recent book, Taking Student Retention Seriously, presents current research on student retention and applies it to practical institutional issues, especially classroom teaching.

Sponsored by:

Title V Collaborative Grant

University of the Incarnate Word

Northwest Vista College

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