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We hope you are excited to begin your new journey at UIW. Our faculty and staff are committed to partnering with you to achieve the educational goals you have set for yourself. UIW students are expected to take a responsible role in attaining academic success. Before beginning your first semester at UIW, it is important to understand the expectations we have of our students:

Satisfactory Academic Progress --You must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA at the end of each academic year for all credit hours attempted at UIW and complete 75% of coursework attempted.  If your cumulative GPA drops below the minimum requirement, you will no longer be eligible for financial aid. To help ensure your academic success, UIW expects you to comply with the following support measures throughout your first semester:

  • Maintain 95% attendance in all classes.
  • Visit your professors during office hours.
  • Purchase your textbooks before or during the first week of class.
  • Check your university e-mail daily for notes from faculty.
  • Check Blackboard site and course outline daily for class assignments and notes.
  • Review course outlines and ask your professors if you do not understand any of the course requirements.
  • Be aware of your grade status in all your classes.
  • Make tutoring appointments with Tutoring Services (206 Adm. Bldg.), the Writing and Learning Center (206 Adm. Bldg.) or the Math Tutoring Center (222 Bonilla Science Hall).
  • Notify your instructors in advance, via e-mail, if  you have an emergency and must miss class.
  • Notify your instructors at the beginning of the semester if  you are involved in co-curricular activities that will require you to miss classes.
  • Notify your instructors as soon as you are aware that you will miss a test or quiz. Make arrangements with your instructor for a make-up exam.  
  • Utilize a planner to organize your assignments and study time.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor at least twice during the semester.
  • Review your degree progress utilizing the on-line services through UIW bannerweb. (Note: to access bannerweb:  Follow log-in instructions at

Cardinal E-mail Address – After confirming your attendance at UIW, you were assigned a Cardinal e-mail address.  All university communications, including notices from First-Year Engagement, Registrar, Financial Aid, Business Office, etc. will be directed to your Cardinal e-mail account. We strongly encourage that you check your Cardinal e-mail frequently.  Failure to do so could result in missing important deadlines and announcements.


We hope you carefully review these policies and expectations. Again, they are in place to help guide your time at UIW and help you advance to graduation.