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Welcome to the Fall 2017 Semester!

Important first-time freshmen information:

  • Please note that although you should complete and submit the questionnaire as soon as possible, you will not be pre-scheduled for classes until an official meningitis immunization record is uploaded and on file. Refer to the UIW Health Services website – – for further instructions on how to submit the meningitis immunization record. We encourage you to submit the record as soon as possible so we can complete your registration.
  • Fall Pre-Scheduling begins on March 13, 2017
  • In addition, we will not schedule you in classes until you have paid your confirmation (matriculation) fee.
  • Conditionally admitted students may be limited in the number of semester hours they can take during their first semester at UIW.
  • Upon completion of the pre-scheduling questionnaire, you will be prompted to select your desired orientation date. Please note, you will only be placed in your orientation date once your confirmation fee is paid.
This form has been deactivated and is closed for any further submissions. If you need immediate assistance and have questions about the UIW Fall 2017 registration process, please contact Dr. Raúl Zendejas at 210-805-5829.