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The Emerging Leaders course is interactive and hands-on!

The Emerging Leaders class helps students to discover and strengthen their leadership skills. Our focus is to develop successful student leaders who have the desire to become involved in campus and community life. The class focuses on a variety of leadership topics presented in a highly interactive format of seminars, guest speakers, professional development experiences, and small group projects. Benefits include the ability to demonstrate the importance of team building, identify your own preferred leadership style, demonstrate leadership under changing conditions, learn how to successfully work in groups, produce a quality resume and portfolio, write a research paper, articulate what it means to be an ethical leader, and participate in community service activities.

Emerging Leaders - LEAD 1300, 3 hours general elective credit (CRN# 40458), Fridays, 1-3 p.m. in the Anne Everett Lecture Hall of the Nursing Building. Mandatory retreat at Discovery Challenge Course: TBD!!

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Emerging Leaders Retreat held at Discovery Challenge Course in Cibolo, Texas

Learn about Leadership
Develop Your Skills
Meet Other Future UIW Leaders

"I thought the best things about Emerging Leaders were the Retreat at Discovery Challenge Course and the assignments that forced the teams to work together towards a common goal and success. All in all, I think it gives young students a strong support system, especially from their peers that they can rely on for the rest of their time at UIW."
-Dr. Clark, Faculty Mentor



Photos from the Emerging Leaders Retreat at Discovery Challenge Course.