First Year Engagement Program

FYE Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is designed to help first-year students make a successful transition to the university. Peer Mentors will introduce first-year students to campus resources and provide personal and academic support. The mentoring relationship will empower the first-year students by promoting academic and professional excellence as well as responsibility for their learning experience.  The program will additionally foster a social support system for students that will allow them access to information about student activities and campus life.


Meet the 2013-2014 FYE Peer Mentors!

Amanda Hernandez

Amanda Hernandez is a Senior Biology Major.

Bianca Peralta

Bianca Peralta is a Senior Marketing Major.

Brianne Gonzales

Brianne Gonzales is a Senior Accounting Major.

Celia Martinez

Celia Martinez is a Senior Marketing Major.

Jill Simon

Jill Simon is a Senior Nutrition Major.

Miguel Velez

Miguel Velez is a Sophomore Biochemistry Major.

Desiree Guardiola

Desiree Guardiola is a Sophomore Criminal Justice Major.

Puente Justin

Justin Puente is a Junior Business Marketing Major.

Mercedes Luna

Mercedes Luna is a Junior Communication Arts Major.

Oscar Salazar

Oscar Salazar is a Junior Communication Arts Major.

Steven Puente

Steven Puente is a Junior Engineering Management Major.

Medials Thomas

Miriam Thomas is a Junior Communication Arts Major.


Stella Zarate is an Senior Nursing Major.

Alex Shiplets

Alexandra Shipley is a Senior Communication Arts Major.


Elizabeth Vela is a Junior Psychology Major.

Jorge Compean

Jorge Compean is a Junior Business Major.


Vanessa Nunez is a Junior Business Major


Mariah Johnson is a Junior Mathematics Major


Ileana Moreno is a Senior Psychology Major.

Bret Roberts

Bret Roberts is a Junior Engineering Management Major.


Bella Herbsleb

Bella Herbsleb is a Junior Government Major.


Valeria Gomez

Valeria Gomez is a Sophomore Government Major.


Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez is a Junior Vision Science Major.


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