First Year Engagement Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that are common for first-year students. If you see that your questions are not completely answered, please feel free to contact us.

1. How do I register for my fall 2010 courses?

In order to register for your fall 2010 courses, you will need your alternate PIN, which you may obtain from your faculty advisor. Click here for instructions on how to register via the web.

2. In which Math and English courses will I be placed?

Here is our course placement policy. (Click Here)

3. Once I am admitted to UIW, what do I need to know?

Here is a link of steps to follow. (Click Here)

4. What resources are available to me as a first-year student?

Click the links below:

Learning Communities

Emerging Leaders


5. How do I find buildings on campus?

Here is a link to a campus map Also feel free to stop by the First Year Engagement office for a map.

6. How do I get my UIW email address?

Contact the Help Desk at 210-829-2721. They are located in the Administration Building (AD) on the first floor - Room AD 10.

7. Where do I park?

There are a couple of different parking lots on the campus that require different parking passes. Check with the business office to find out which pass you need. They are located in the administration building AD 190.

To add a question to this list, please contact Dora at

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