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The information below details a student’s typical annual expenses for the current academic year.  It does not reflect any financial aid or scholarship discounts.  More than 90 percent of the students at the University of the Incarnate Word receive some form of financial assistance (grants, scholarships, work-study and/or educational loans).  If you apply and qualify for financial assistance, you can reduce your sticker price.

The total annual cost of attendance is comprised of direct costs (charges for tuition and fees), plus indirect costs (allowances for room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other personal/miscellaneous costs).

You can review detailed tuition and fee information and payment plan optionsonline.  If you have questions regarding your tuition and fee charges or possible tuition discounts, contact the UIW Business Office at 829-6043.

Undergraduate Costs for 2014-15 (full-time, main campus)

On-Campus Off-Campus
  Cost for Year   Cost for Year
Tuition $ 24,900 Tuition $ 24,900
Fees* 1,590 Fees* 1,590
Books 1,200 Books 1,200
Room & Board 10,826 Room 0
Total $ 38,516 Total $ 27,690
*Fees listed do not include the laptop fee

Undergraduate students can use our 2014-15 Estimated Cost Worksheet to estimate costs for the current academic year. 

Costs for other UIW Programs in 2014-15

  • Master's programs $815 per credit hour + fees

  • Doctoral programs, $840 per credit hour + fees

  • ADCaP programs, $395 per credit hour

    UIW Online, $495 per credit hour
  • UIW School of Pharmacy $33,500 (per year) + fees

  • UIW School of Optometry $33,200 (per year) + fees