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  • Fall 2017

    Program Dates

    Application deadline June 1, 2017
    Arrival in Heidelberg* (plan to arrive by 1pm) Mon. August 22, 2017
    Mandatory Orientation** Wed. August 23 – Fri. August 25, 2017
    Classes Start Mon. August 28, 2017
    Add/Drop Deadline for ESC courses Sun. September 3, 2017
    Add/Drop Deadline for SRH courses Sunday of the week that block classes begins
    Fall Break Mon. October 2 – Thurs. October 5, 2017
    Weekend in Berlin Fri. October 6 – Sun. October 8, 2017
    International Week at SRH University To be announced
    *** All students are automatically enrolled
    in this course, and full participationy
    is a required part of the study abroad program.
    “Castle Talks” International Symposium in Strasbourg Mon. November 6 – Tues. November 7, 2017
    Last day of classes including finals Fri. December 15, 2017
    Check out of housing Sat. December 16, 2017*































     * Students taking courses at SRH may be required to stay until Friday, December 22, 2017.

    Program Fee for UIW students: $11,990

    Course Overview

    ARTH 2361 Art History: Ancient to Medieval Art: Caves to Cathedrals

    BMGT 4355 Organizational Behavior

    BMKT 4390 International Marketing

    ENGL 2310 World Literature Studies
    GERM 1311 Elementary German I (A1)

    GOVT 3340 Experiential Learning in Europe/Topics in Comparative Politics/International Relations (BINT 3340)

    GOVT/POLS 3350 Current Topics in the EU

    HIST 4350 Selected Topics in World History: Nazi Germany


    SOCI 3332 Leadership and Communication across Cultures

  • Spring 2018