Environmental Science

Core and Major Requirements

Core requirements

Refer to the current UIW Undergraduate Bulletin for fulfilling core curriculum requirements. The major in Environmental Science requires 45 hours of non-credit community service.

Major requirements for Environmental Science B.S. degree

The outline below is a list of required science courses for an Environmental Science major that a freshman should follow, although courses could be taken out of sequence depending on course availability for a given semester, course prerequisites, and transfer of courses from other institutions. A student who has a deficiency in Mathematics may be required to take MATH 1311 Precalculus, or MATH 1304 College Algebra or MATH remediation courses but these remediation courses will not count towards fulfilling the Mathematics requirement in the Environmental Science major. Permission for science course substitutions must be made through the Environmental Science Program Chair. Course requirements and degree requirements in the major and core are subject to change.

Science Courses

Freshman Year

Courses Credit Hours
CHEM 1301 Chemical Principles I 3
CHEM 1302 Chemical Principles II 3
CHEM 1101 Chemical Principles I Lab 1
CHEM 1102 Chemical Principles II Lab 1
COMP 1301 Computer Literacy 4
ENSC 1410 Environmental Science 4
MATH 2312 Calculus I, or MATH 2303 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3

Sophomore Year

Courses Credit Hours
GEOL 1401 Physical Geology (or GEOL 1420 or METR 1430) 4
PHYS 2305 Physics I, or PHYS 1301 General Physics I 3
PHYS 2306 Physics II, or PHYS 1302 General Physics II 3
PHYS 2105 Physics I Lab, or PHYS 1101 General Physics I Lab 1
PHYS 2106 Physics II Lab, or PHYS1102 General Physics II Lab 1
BIOL 1401 Diversity of Life & Lab, or BIOL1403 Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity 4
BIOL 1402 Unity of Life & Lab 4

Junior Year

Courses Credit Hours
BIOL 3471 General Microbiology and Lab 4
BIOL 3442 Ecology and Lab 4
METR 3340 Hydrology 3
METR 4315 Air Pollution Meteorology 4

Senior Year

Courses Credit Hours
GEOL 3450 Environmental Geology 4
ENSC 4315 Environmental Science Research 3
ENSC 3410 Research in Soil Conservation 4
ENSC 4460 Research in Water Quality 4


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