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In 2002, UIW established the Department of Engineering Management, and offered a BS in Engineering Management.  Over the last decade, the UIW BSEM degree has transformed into the BS of Engineering degree with the Management Track.  Additional tracks will be added over the next few years in areas such as Mechatronics and Sustainability.  UIW will seek accreditation for this degree through ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.


A student who graduates with a BSE degree with the Management Track will bring a unique blend of technology and real world business knowledge to any future career. Graduates will be prepared to begin a career as a manager in nearly any engineering or technology firm nationwide. The demand for engineers in the U.S. grows every year. The average starting salary in 2012 for a student with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering  is $55,000 per year.  Students with a BSE degree with the Management Track would be recruited by manufacturing, IT businesses, research foundations, and government agencies.