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Teacher Education is a valued program of study at the  University of the Incarnate Word because it so directly addresses the mission  to which the University is committed.   The emphasis of the program incorporates a broad liberal arts education  as a foundation for the more in-depth focus on academic teaching  specializations and the body of knowledge associated with the teaching/learning  process.  The program prepares  individuals for a profession in which they can affect society in significant, positive ways.

The Teacher  Education program at University of the Incarnate Word is a field-based program  that provides intensive, realistic, and high quality experiences in settings  where preservice teachers can match theory and practice, observe effective  teaching practices, encounter diversity, and explore and develop their teaching  in close interaction with university faculty.   The University of the Incarnate Word offers programs approved by the  State Board for Educator Certification and the Southern Association of Colleges  and Schools Commission on Colleges, and UIW is a member of the American Association of Colleges for  Teacher Education.

At the undergraduate level, the Interdisciplinary Studies degree prepares students for elementary (EC-6) teaching. Secondary certification (grades 7-12) and all-level certification  (early childhood-12th grade) candidates major in their intended teaching field and minor in education. 


At the graduate level, candidates enter the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program with an established teaching field and further their preparation within the graduate program.

Upon successful  completion of all program requirements, applicable TExES examinations, and state requirements, the candidate  will be eligible to apply for state certification.
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 Acceptance to the Teacher Certification Program

All students who plan to follow a program leading to initial teaching certification must formally apply, and be admitted, to the Teacher Certification Program before enrolling in professional development coursework. Students may apply for admission during announced application periods each semester.  Students must be admitted to the respective UIW degree program prior to application to the Teacher Certification Program.