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The goal for this new concentration is to address the demand for more professionals in the area of innovative learning and leadership including online teaching and training in corporate, business, social and educational settings. The program emphasizes on learning and leadership, preparing you to lead initiatives in technology in your own organization. The coursework is customized to integrate into your workplace practice, so you can put your learning into action.

Benefits of the Program

  • Flexibility: Program can be taken in traditional or blended format.
  • Customized: Program can be taken in a part-time or full-time format.
  • Multidisciplinary: Program is designed for professional in business, education, social and corporate settings.
  • Application: Coursework offers customized learning activities that integrate into your workplace practice.
  • Support: Faculty mentorship and student collaboration offer you a supportive learning environment to help hone your skills.
  • Practitioner-Scholar Approach: Program includes presentation and attendance in an international conference that allows you to network and learn about current trends and issues in the industry.
  • Employability: Career services department, community and alumni network are dedicated to helping you find a position in the field of your choice.

Requirements for the Master’s degree with a concentration in Online Teaching and Learning:
Core Courses Requirements (12 semester hours)

  • EDUC 6301 Introduction to Research Methods
  • EDUC 6306 Philosophical Foundations in Education
  • ADED 6381 Adult Learning and Development
  • EDUC 63CS1 Capstone in Education

Supporting Requirements (12 semester hours)

  • ADED 6388 Effective Teams and Groups
  • EDUC 6333 Action Research

Concentration Courses (18 hours)

  • EDUC 6331 Seminar in Online and Blended Teaching
  • EDUC 6357 Trends & Issues in Technology
  • EDUC 6336 Technology & Today’s Learner
  • EDUC 6341 Developing Effective Training with Technology
  • EDUC 6344 Leadership and Technology
  • EDUC 6351 Learning Technologies and Organizational Change