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National Association of Multicultural Education Texas Annual Conference

Posted: October 02, 2018  |  by Dreeben School of Education
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Doleatha Thomas and Dr. Sandra Guzman Foster

Doleatha Thomas, a doctoral student in graduate studies with a concentration in international education and entrepreneurship, and Dr. Sandra Guzman Foster, assistant professor in the Dreeben School of Education, presented at the Texas Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education's annual conference in Frisco, TX.

The purpose of this presentation is to share findings that examined educational philosophies of International and American students. This is significant because education for a pluralistic democracy at a time of great divide and polarization is imperative and urgent. At a time of dire need for change, healing, justice and harmonious co-existence, educators must possess the competency to facilitate experiences about the different ways that allow them and their students to cultivate the abilities to live their full humanity by according humanity to their fellow humans.


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