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Students gain first-hand experience in Learning Disability Simulation

Posted: September 25, 2017  |  by Dreeben School of Education
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Dr. Elda Martinez, right, with Teacher Education students at Learning Disability Simulation.

Teacher Education students and Dr. Elda Martinez (right) at The Winston School San Antonio.

Teacher Education students from the Dreeben School of Education participated on Sept. 16 in a full-day intensive Learning Disabilities Simulation at The Winston School San Antonio.

Teacher Education students The simulation workshop, “Walking in the Shoes of a Child with Learning Disabilities,” gave participants an inside look of what a student with dyslexia and other learning challenges may experience.

“I cannot wait to transform my classroom in a way that will help all of my students, with all types of differences and backgrounds.” said Marina Bermea, a Teacher Education student, “I am grateful for The Winston School of San Antonio to host such simulations for the community; this experience was eye-opening, life-changing, and very refreshing. I aim to positively change the lives of many young individuals throughout my teaching career, and I hope to learn and grow from my own students. I will not let my students leave my classroom feeling unworthy, undeserving or anything less than greatness.”

The Winston School San Antonio has been part of the community since 1985. It has become a nationally-recognized model for the education of students with learning differences, for its research, and for its acclaimed community outreach programs.

Student with magnifying glass reading paper“Being able to experience first-hand what it is like to have a learning disability and be in a classroom setting helped me to better see what I can do differently as a future educator in order to accommodate everybody.” said Alyssa Garcia, a Teacher Education student.

Teacher Education studentsParticipants walked away from this life-changing simulation with a better understanding on how students with reading and learning disabilities may experience difficulties and frustrations on a daily basis.

The Dreeben School of Education’s Teacher Education Program is a field-based program that provides intensive, authentic, and high-quality experiences in settings where preservice teachers can integrate theory with practice, observe effective teaching practices, embrace diversity, and develop their teaching in collaboration with university faculty. For more information about our program, visit Teacher Education.



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