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College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Higher Education Technical Assistance Grant Conference- In collaboration with the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, the Ettling Center and the Department of Minority Health Resource Center under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a community-wide conference was hosted to bring awareness to the general community of health and education grant opportunities to benefit and support efforts of citizens in the Greater San Antonio area.  

President’s Interfaith & Community Service Initiative Honor Roll with Distinction Award- UIW received Honor Roll with Distinction Award by the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Initiative for its work with special populations including refugee and immigrant families.  Dr. Lopita Nath, Monica Cruz and UIW students Maria Bedolla and Irene Tombo presented at the Interfaith Conference at Howard University in Washington, DC on service learning initiatives. 

Dreeben School of Education

Capstone Projects- In collaboration with numerous faculty members and undergraduate/graduate students in the Dreeben School of Education, students complete a capstone project in coordination with the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership. The project will contribute to the academic body of knowledge through dissemination (presentation or publication) locally, regionally or nationally of one paper written during the course of the program. As part of the Capstone project, students are encouraged to take the project to the next level via a conference presentation or a community-based project with the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership.

Women’s History Month-The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership co-sponsored the screening of Maestra, a documentary of the adult literacy movement in Cuba with the Dreeben School of Education during Women’s History Month. 

H-E-B School of Business and Administration

Health Management Analysis- Professor Kevin LaFrance of Health Administration in the HEB School of Business and Administration assisted the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership in analyzing and assessing the operational aspect of Los Quijotes Health Mission Trip in Oaxaca, Mexico. This analysis will allow the Ettling Center and UIW evaluate future programmatic and operational aspects of this effective and critical health care service initiative impacting over 2,800 patients needing over 6,000 medical procedures.

School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Robotics Program- The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership in association with undergraduate students from the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering were trained to assist and support a community Robotics program at Ella Austin Community Center and Bowden Elementary.

School of Media & Design

Community Work Study Program- The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership works with various students

from throughout the university including the School of Media & Design to provide real workplace

opportunities and experience that enhance the educational program through development of

professional skills, responsibilities, attitudes, self-confidence and self-development which we believe will contribute the overall personal, professional and academic success of the student via community work

study opportunities at various off-campus sites within the Greater San Antonio Community.