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The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership Advisory Board advises and assists the Center in:

  • being responsive to the social and educational needs of the community;
  • staying abreast of social justice issues/challenges;
  • adjusting programs/services to meet the dynamic needs of our stakeholders;
  • providing knowledge & expertise to ensure the Core Tenets of the Center are being met;
  • developing/enhancing contacts, working relationships, and networking opportunities;
  • developing a plan of sustainability through participation in the identification, cultivation and solicitation of support from individuals and organizations within its principal constituencies.

(list in Alpha Order)

Aranda-Naranjo, Barbara UIW, Associate Provost for Civic Engagement
Ayala, Paul   UIW, Director of University Events & Student Programs
Connelly, Robert J. CHAIR, UIW, Office of the Provost, Assistant Director of Assessment
Conklin, George Senior Vice President and CIO, CHRISTUS Health
Cruz, Monica   UIW, Director of Ettling Center for Civic Leadership
Cuellar, Olympia UIW, Undergraduate Student Representative
Felix-Ortiz, Maria UIW, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Associate Professor
Fernandez, Antonio Catholic Charities, CEO
Fox, Louis UIW, Community Relations, Assistant to the President
Fragoso, Marcos UIW, International Programs, Vice President
Gillespie, Jon UIW, Associate Director of Foundations; Corp and Gov. Relations
Gonzales, Dennis   CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, Regional Vice President, Mission Integration
Gonzalez, Christine   CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, Director of Volunteer Services
Herring, Tava Wheatley Community School
Light, Kathi   UIW, Office of the Provost, Provos
Maher, Sr. Walter UIW, University Mission & Ministry, Vice President
Mercer, Wanita UIW, Graduate Student Representative
Messbarger-Equia, Anne Messbarger-Equia Consulting
Nath, Lopita   UIW, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Associate Professor
Oliveira, Marcos UIW, Feik School of Pharmacy, Associate Professor
Rodriguez, Raul B. UIW, HEB School of Business & Administration, Associate Professor