“It takes a village to raise a child.”  It takes faculty to accomplish the ECCL mission: “In the spirit of Christian service, to develop leaders who promote social justice in partnership with diverse local and global communities.”  The Vision Statement expands on the mission. The ECCL “is dedicated to promoting the common good by educating enlightened and concerned leaders committed to learning, research, advocacy, and service for those in most need. It promotes civically-engaged leaders collaborating in partnership with local and global community stakeholders to achieve individual/social transformation while respecting the dignity of each individual and all creation.” 

While the ECCL emphasizes helping students, this can only happen if faculty, administration, and staff are all deeply imbued with its values.

Ernest Boyer in Scholarship Reconsidered described the Scholarship of Application which came to be called the Scholarship of Engagement. Scholarship is applied to social problems and issues. Faculty are encouraged to focus on the Scholarship of Engagement.

Service in the Community Guidelines at UIW

Reflection Guide for Developing Service Learning

Understanding the Academic Value of Community Service and Service Learning  

Studies have demonstrated the value of service learning for student retention, engagement, and success and for faculty scholarship, satisfaction, and sense of meaning and belonging (For specific studies, see Carroll College Service-Learning Handbook

International Service Learning

International Service Learning has been developing for many years at UIW. The ECCL wishes to document past trips and encourage future ones. You are invited to send the ECCL stories of your trips and to read a little of other trips here. 

Mexico’s Mandate that Students Serve, an Example for the World

Alicia Cantón and Enrique Ramos explain Mexico’s requirement that university students serve the community as part of their education, usually doing over 400 hours of service after completing 75% of their course requirements. They explain some of the reasons for this, the benefits, and challenges that still need to be addressed. See Mandating Service: Mexico's National Requirement

Resources for Assistance and Scholarship

Meet the Mission, an annual day with both students and faculty serving together

The UIW October Season of Peace and Justice with Peace Day Faculty and others share and further develop scholarship.

Charter for Compassion An international movement with potential to transform our world. Incarnate Word has been involved in efforts to have San Antonio be a “Compassionate City.”

Seeking Carnegie Classification