Doctoral Programs



The Ph.D. Program offers a number of opportunities for practical application of theory during the doctoral course of studies.  Some of these opportunities are built in as course requirements, such as an Internship or a Practicum.  One can check the Graduate Catalogue for a description of these application courses.  In addition to the required and elected courses listed in the Degree Plan, there are other experiences offered by Faculty that allow students to develop skills, capacities and a further application of theoretical learning.  There are also opportunities for giving service in the broader community both locally and globally.  

Research Skills

Participation in a research project, either a research assistant or as research collaborator. This can take many forms, from assisting with data collection or with data analysis to partnering with the Faculty in the design and implementation of a study.   Here are a few current examples. 

Process for communal contemplation and dialogue:  Study focusing on analyzing data from workshops given by the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue over a two year period.

Team: Sara Boettcher and Maria Mendez (Ph.D. students) and Dr. Dorothy Ettling.  

Child Development Assessment in Zambia: A collaborative study with the University of Zambia sponsored by the Zambia Ministry of Education and UNICEF of Zambia.  The focus of this study is to develop a developmental base line for children under seven years of age in Zambia, Central Africa.  It involves training researchers, collecting and analyzing data in Zambia.

Team: Lynn Piez and Lisa Uribe-Kozlovsky (Ph.D. candidates), Terri Boord (Ph.D. student), and Drs. Absael Antelo, Judy Beauford, Dorothy Ettling.

Children Under Seven in Zambia:  Collaborative research with the Ministry of Education in Zambia designed to assess the training needs of pre-school teachers and appropriate educational materials for children in pre-school programs in Zambia.  

Team: Lisa Uribe-Kozlovsky (Ph.D. candidate), Mei-Yi Shen (Ph.D. student) and Drs. Mary Ruth Moore, Absael Antelo, Joe Frost, Dorothy Ettling


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