Doctoral Programs

Dreeben School of Education Doctor of Philosophy

Concentration in International Education and Entrepreneurship

Program of Study 

The Degree Plan specifies 57 semester hours of course work, a Qualifying Examination and 9 semester hours (minimum) of Dissertation Writing. Basic competency in a second language is an exit requirement.

Common Core Courses

Concepts of Leadership

Belief Systems: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Ethics for the Professions

Research Methods and Tools

Social Science Statistics

Qualitative Research Methods

Advanced Social Science Statistics or Qualitative Research Design

Constructing Research Design

IE&E Required Courses 

Analysis and Research of Comparative Educational Systems of the World


Economic Development for Entrepreneurship

Research in Entrepreneurship

International Organizations

Cultural Aspects of Research

Contemporary International Issues

Domestic Internship (optional) 

International Internship (To be negotiated with the advisor) 

Electives (3 hours)

Specialities available in

Qualifying Examination

Dissertation (minimum of 9 hours)

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