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Doctor of Philosophy in Education

International Education and Entrepreneurship Concentration

This is a flexible program that enables students to develop enterprises of a cultural, educational, humanitarian, or business nature that show a full understanding of the host culture and its relation in theory and practice with Western culture. Our concentration caters to the need and realities of working adults.

Coordinator: Dr. Osman Özturgut, 210.805.5885


The Ph.D. in the Dreeben School of Education with a International Education and Entrepreneurship (IE&E) concentration enables students to develop enterprises of a cultural, educational, humanitarian, or business nature that show a full understanding of the host culture and its relation in theory and practice with Western culture. It allows theoretical study with a practical impulse that involves an awareness of business and educational systems and their development in existing, new, and emerging arenas.

The foundation courses combine comparative study of the educational and cultural systems of the world with experiential learning in entrepreneurship. The grasp of a nation's outlook revealed by its education provides the key to understanding its intellectual and managerial endeavors. The practical skill of entrepreneurship suggests new ways of applying existing resources and encourages the development of new ideas in all fields.

International Education and Entrepreneurship Program of Study


This concentration achieves its aim through a blend of theoretical study and practice engagement. Practical application and experience are achieved by each student through an internship with an international emphasis.

Because our program is designed to meet the needs and realities of working adults, individual internship experiences will vary from student to student and will be negotiated with their advisor.

Admission requirements:

A minimum of 6 hours of education and 6 hours of business background courses are required as pre-requisites. These pre-requisites can be completed during the first 15 hours of core classes.

Exit requirements:

Basic competency in a second language is an exit requirement. The basic rationale for this requirement is that through second language learning experience, students form a better understanding of the nuances in working in diverse cultural contexts. Students are required to take the language exam prior to the qualifying assessment for candidacy.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Guidelines are used as a benchmark for the language proficiency. Novice High is the recommended level for written and oral proficiency.

Speaking: “Novice-level speakers can communicate short messages on highly predictable, everyday topics that affect them directly. They do so primarily through the use of isolated words or phrases that have been encountered, memorized, and recalled.”

Writing: “Writers at the Novice level are characterized by the ability to produce list and notes, primarily by writing words or phrases. They can provide limited formulaic information on simple documents. These writers can produce practiced material to convey the most simple messages. In addition, they can transcribe familiar words or phrases, copy letters of the alphabet or syllables of a syllabary, or reproduce basic characters with some accuracy.”

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Faculty Focus:

Norman St. ClairDr. St. Clair was born on Hahn Air force Base in Rhein-Hunsruck District of Rhineland-Palatinate in west-central Germany.  He spent much of his childhood in Germany, Austria, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas, and considers himself to be a Texan with an international flair. He is married to Bobbie St. Clair (since 2000) and has three brothers and three sisters. Dr. St. Clair was the first director of the China Incarnate Word campus, where he lived and worked in the Guangzhou District for a total of five years. Upon his return to Texas, Dr. St. Clair served four years as the Director of International Initiatives for the University of the Incarnate Word, and then transitioned into a faculty position within the Dreeben School of Education’s doctoral program in 2008.

What our students and faculty say:

What our graduates do:

Our graduates work and serve across the United States and around the world:

  • Academia - as faculty members, administrators, and top executives both in universities and community colleges
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Governmental organizations (i.e. National Institute of Health -NIH)
  • Corporations – (i.e. USAA)
  • Military (i.e. management/research analysts)
  • State- (i.e. City of San Antonio)
  • K-12 (i.e. Teachers, superintendents)
  • Independent Consultants (i.e. KPMG, Military, Government, NGOs, Local Organizations)

Recent Dissertations:

Rolla Salem Alaydi – Forthcoming December 2013 . Palestinian Women’s Perception of Their Social and Economic Status

Gerald K. Sseruwagi - December 2012. "Participatory Development: An Investigation of In-Community Stakeholders' Perceptions".

Paul Asamoah – December 2012. “Assessing the need for entrepreneurial training at the higher educational institutions in Ghana”.

What’s NEW ?

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